February 1st, 2011
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Do Life (Unofficial) 5k Run.

From the moment I knew I’d be in New York City, I knew I wanted to attend this run. I knew I wanted to support my friend, Ben, and his ‘Do Life’ movement, but I honestly had no idea what to expect.

Truth be told, I kind of thought no one would show up but me, and then Ben and I would laugh about it, decide we were too lazy to run anyways, and then go get a diet coke.

However, walking towards Columbus circle that morning, in my skintight tights (whoa, ps), feeling super naked, I suddenly got SO NERVOUS.  I sincerely think had I not known Ben, I would have turned around and headed home. I saw a small crowd, and shyly approached them, because omigoodness, you guys, meeting strangers, and then running with them? Scary stuff.  

The five or six of us early birds crossed the road together, and then played the waiting game by the monument. By this point I was already impressed with Ben’s turnout. And my nervousness was slowly turning into excitement. 

“What’s your name?”
“What’s your blog?”
“Where you from?”

That’s all it took, and suddenly we were running partners, there to support each other.

I suddenly looked around and was surrounded by 44 other Do Lifers, truly an amazing sight; complete strangers, coming together to accomplish one thing, get from point A to point B, with 5k standing between us.

I volunteered to run at the back, or what I like to call, The-Cool-Section, and I can’t even tell you how cool it was. Running with new runners, hearing about their big goals, Sarah, Amy, Rob and I pretty much owned the paths of Central Park. We had lost a combined weight of 160 pounds, and trudged forward every step hearing each other’s carb-loving to ass-reducing stories. 

 Out of all the runs I ever did, this was my favourite.

 When Ben announced Rob’s 5k PR, I was like a beaming mother! So happy for him, and it made me remember my first 5k (it was around 50 min too).  The running skill level, that day, ranged from first-5k-ever, to just-qualified-for-Boston (say What?), yet everyone was on the same level.

 Afterwards we dined on Whole Foods cuisine, and listened to each other’s stories, getting inspired, and making new friends (o.k., let’s be honest, “making new friends” sounds lame, but it wasn’t, it was really, really cool. Brownie Promise.).

 If the Do Life tour heads to a city near you, I HIGHLY recommend you go. It wasn’t an organized race, with bag check or medals of gold, just people coming together who had at some point or another, decided to change their lives for the better and simply just, Do Life.

[more photos here] 

February 1st, 2011
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On Thursday I headed out into the big city with the lovely Sara Katherine as my leading lady (tis true, we met over Tumblr land, but I am so in heart with her [and her blog], it’s not even funny).

 Whenever you meet people from Internet-Blog-Land, it feels like a blind date, I was SO NERVOUS, yet so excited to finally put a fleshy face to her blog, and just as expected, she was more than fabulous. We dined on refined carbs at Bryant Park, sipped wine and martinis overlooking the city, and then headed to all sorts of bars (3 others to be exact), none of which I remember (I’m a classy lady like that).  

On Friday she called in sick, and I had the worst 4 hours of my life (<— exaggeration), both signs of an excellent night.

January 29th, 2011
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Final Night in the city. 

Bring it. 



[Photo via the lovely Miss. Sara Katherine who was my gracious host Thursday evening. Tonight? East Village with the lovely girls I used to live with, couldn’t be more excited]  

January 28th, 2011
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Saturday. 9am. Columbus Circle. Do Life 5k “Run.”

Run is in quotations because straight up, if I manage a jog I’ll be (super duper) impressed with myself.

So if you’re in New York City tomorrow morning, and want a guilt free Saturday, come run-walk-jog-saunter with me and Ben!

I’ll be the girl at the back, enjoying the scenery, and taking it slow, like really, really slow, because 5k seems like a marathon to me right now. 

January 28th, 2011
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As I was leaving lunch today, a girl stopped me on the street. She wouldn’t stop talking to me so I eventually had to turn my back on her. 

She followed me for a couple blocks, but eventually got the hint and left.

Whatever. It’s been a good day.


This is how it actually went down; 

Ben: E, can I please, please, please get a photo with you? I want to look cool on my blog.
E: No
Ben: I’ll pay you $200
E: In cash?
Ben: Yes
E: O.k., but no touching.  

Pa certainly isn’t lying when he says Ben fabricates the truth [the entire time]. 

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January 27th, 2011
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Today’s life lessons in point form: 

  • UGG boots are crap. 
  • UGG boots are absolutely useless
  • Whoever invented UGG boots was an idiot. 
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