December 2nd, 2011
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Sunsets in Indonesia.

December 1st, 2011
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The Last Day of November 2011.

Hi Hi Hi Friends! Happy December 1st! Word on the street, and by street I mean Internets (I’m looking at you facebook, twitter and tumblr) is that it’s snowing in The Canada, eh? I’m sorry about that. But! But I have a plan. Catch a fight and come meet me here, mmmkay? Or if you can’t make it this winter season, put “Gili Islands, Indonesia” on your “must see life list,” why? (<— you) I’ll tell you why. Better yet, I’ll show you why… (because that’s what I do.).


Yesterday I rose, and shone, and gave God the glory-glory, and ate a delicious banana pancake breakfast for five. Well, I ate my portion (but between you and me, I could have eaten all five. Obviously. And seriously)

When Naomi (y’know, girl from my University who I have had many-a-debaucherous-times-with-and-is-traveling-with-me-for-two-weeks!) and I took our boat from Bali to the Gili Islands (island next to Bali) we met three Americans from NYC, whom we ended up getting a pretty, little, cheap villa with.

For those who are curious Georges it was 750 rupiah ($83 CND) a night, which meant it was $16 each a night (I know, I’m such a math whiz…) - very cheap for a villa steps away from the ocean. With, breakfast included (See Banana pancakes above. Ahh, now JJ is stuck in my head —> Maybe we can sleep in… I’ll make you banana pancakes… Pretend like it’s the weekend now… ). ANYWHO, it wasn’t quite in the location we wanted, so after breakfast the 5 of us rented bikes and moved local.

Naomi and I moving our backpacks. Note to the world: This was really hard - my backpack weighs a hefty 18kg, and then combined with the pot holes? well, I’m lucky to be alive. Really. But not really. But really it was soooo hard.

Luckily, just down the beach, we found another even cuter, even cheaper ($13/night) little hut (with A/C thankyouverymuch), which meant the day was ours to have. The five of us decided to bike around the island. It was hot, and beautiful, and hard (bikes + sand = nearly impossible), but as we were such ballers we survived it.


AND AND AND the most fat photos of me were taken EVER. Like, whoa. I’m posting this as a reminder to myself to RUN RUN RUN. And EAT LESS. AND RUN. Also, white shorts was a terrible idea, but I swear it was my laundry day. And again, reminder to self: CALORIES COUNT. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

And of course, just like any other crew of westerners slash people, we posed for the camera… why? because we’re models. Obviously.

Exhibit A: Yours truly. Such a sex kitten, I am.

Exhibit B: Chi, working what her mama gave her.

Exhibit C: No folks, that’s not Heidi Klum, or wait? Maybe “Naomi” is my key word for “Heidi Klum…” Think about it. Maybe…

So, after a tree covered in flip flops, a detached bike chain (where Chi and Klum came to the rescue), sweat dripping off our backs at lightening speed, a spontaneous swim in a pool (the sea was too warm) and seeing a big storm roll in, we continued on our way for a late lunch.

Another chubster photo. But whatevs, I like the clouds.

This is where we sat for umm, what? a four hour lunch. Or perhaps five. Time is irrelevant here. Usually we look at the sun and throw our predictions out, but then don’t actually confirm what the time actually is.

A skinny photo! Say wha?!

Then we continued biking to the west side of the island to watch the sun go down.

I accidentally said, “look at me bikeling!!” I’m so witty and smart it hurts.

Another photo shoot. Deal. With. It.

See those spikey things? They are the tree’s roots. Very cool, it was, very cool.

Ahhh, friend love. And that’s me in the middle! Candid shot ftw!

iPhone photo FTW. So grainy. (My SLR was about to die)

After the sunset the 5 of us sat at a little table and watched some guys from California doing some sort of karate-dance routine (as seen in the video of this night), and some locals doing a fire dance.

Look at me being all different and throwing in a vertical shot.

Just me and my shutter speeds, y’know, taking it slow… PUN!

Again, because I’m such a gansta at photography. 

When all was said and done, and happy vibes (re: alcohol) was running through my veins, my camera died, which means my memory died, which means this story is about to die. But-but-but, yesterday was so amazing. Like, cliche, Bali-style amazing. Like, watch this video here to somewhat get the vibe of the beach, at that time, in that moment. It was perfect, you guys, perfect.

November 29th, 2011
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You know the type of little, beach town that just makes you want to quit your life, work as a bartender, and be ‘that guy girl’ for the rest of your life? Well, I’m here.

Awesome (awesome!!) day. Tomorrow we bike. On Thursday we scuba. Woot!

November 28th, 2011
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Bali! So pretty. So hot. So excited!

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