August 21st, 2014
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Apparently lots of concentration was used to take this selfie this morning…

Well, despite waking up late, I still took the time to curl my hair, and wear my favourite casual-yet-nice outfit. (I’m also wearing my new VS bra n’ undies, which obviously made me also feel all va-va-voom)

I am a big believer that dressing better, and taking the time to do myself up, simply sets myself up for a better day. Look good, feel good, I say! :)

The scale also read 184 this morning. My lowest in about 5 weeks. Apparently there is quite the difference in thinking about losing weight, and then actually trying to lose weight. Who knew!? ;)

June 26th, 2014
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Today’s OOTD ( I recently had to google “OOTD,” because I am that out of the blogging/social media loop). Anywho, I liked this outfit. The entire thing is from Anne Taylor, which once upon a time I thought was an old ladies store, but either they’ve ramped up their style, or it’s official, I’m old.

June 16th, 2014
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Wedding Shower Time!


And then there was Friday. Friday the 13th (moo-hahahahaha). Or, Wedding Shower Friday!! Again, my dress dilemma was quite the doozey. My backup was to wear the dress I wore to the gala on Thursday night, but obviously, that wasn’t ideal.  Luckily I found a hot-second, or ten, on Friday afternoon and headed down to the stores to see what I could find…. and you know when the retail-gods align, and everything just works in your favour? Well Friday the 13th was my lucky day! Because I found the above dress, in the first store I went into, for $29 (on sale from $150), and in my size. Yippee! Wahoo! (Size Large, Jacobs)

True, it was/is a little boobilicious, but it made me feel pretty, and so I slapped my credit card down and bought it. 

After work I zoomed up to my mom & dad’s house, quickly got changed, and then made my mom take a million and two photos of me, before I headed to the restaurant for the shower. 

So, ta-da! Here’s the dress in all its glory. And truthfully? I liked it. I thought I looked pretty. I rocked it. At my size and everything.


I liked it so much, I even twirled in it. And then made a gif of my twirl.


Yea. Yea. Yea. I know. Don’t worry, the guy I’m dating saw this last night and made lots of (well deserved) fun of me for it. But the dress was so flowy, and whatever, twirling is fun.

ANYWHO. SO MANY SELFIES. Let’s move on. Move on to Maria’s GLORIOUS Wedding Shower!


Firstly, Maria freakin’ ROCKED a white, onesey ensemble, as her nearest and dearest women surrounded her. I love this girl (and her fiance) so much, and am so excited for their wedding in September. (I actually remember writing about them starting to date back in the archives of this blog! The three of us went to high school together, but they’ve known each other since grade 6.)

Anywho… Instead of sticking to the registry, I bought her a spa-getaway package up north, but perhaps most importantly, I created a hilarious (if I do say so myself) picture story book, complete with Google images of people at spas, and on road trips, with our faces stuck on top of them. It was awesome. I am funny. She loved it. And I can’t now wait for that.

Maria’s mom put the shindig together, and I swear the woman could have a career in party planning. Because loooooooook! Look at the beautifulness of the event. Simply gorgeous.



The food was so yummy (and don’tcha worry your pretty little head. I had zero treats from that treat table up above. #willpower). Two nights of steak in a row? You better believe it. #fancypants.

There was also a fortune teller at the shower. Hmmm. Yup. A fortune teller. So I don’t do fortune telling. Or stars aligning. Or zodiac signs. But for the fun of it, I sat down, and heard what she had to say. (Fun fact: I’ve never ever done it before because I always thought I’d get the “death card” or would hear “you’re going to die alone. In a basement. With eight cats. Because your dogs left you.”) The only real thing she said to me was that the guy I’m currently dating “isn’t the one,” and then the rest of it was all quite vague. She said I was a very “inspiring” person, and “creative.” She said I’m very “positive,” and am currently going through a “transition phase.” Oh! And she said I got (in her opinion) the best possible card someone could get - the lucky card. And that good things happen to me, and always will, so I don’t have to worry about my luck changing, as it’s built into me.  Sure, it was nice to hear, but again, vague! And I really didn’t read into any of it. :)

Speeches were given, wine was drunk, a million photos were taken, and I guessed Maria’s age wrong in six photos on display (it was a game) when I had actually been with her for five of them - so #friendshipfail on that one.


These girls! They’re the best. THE BEST. And I can’t wait to head to Jamaica with them next week!


Tears. There were tears. I’m going to cry like a baby at the wedding.


And presents for each and all. I made out like a bandit, and can’t thank Maria’s familia enough. (#soitalian)


So yup. That was my Friday night. So much love in one place for this girl. She is honestly one of the world’s best, and I felt so blessed I got to shower her with love on Friday. She just gets me, and I get her, and I am lucky to call her my best friend.

June 16th, 2014
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Let’s see, let’s see, where exactly did we leave off? Oh, right. I was only slightly freaking out about not knowing what to wear to TWO fancy events I had on Thursday & Friday.  

Well. Well I had planned to sneak out of work early last Thursday to see if I could find a pretty, cheap, fits-me-well, dress, but no cigar on that one, because I had a to-do list at work up to my hooha, and there was just no way I could get away.

So, I’ll just bluntly lay it out there for y’all, I was forced to squeeze myself into an already owned dress of mine. And squeeze into it I did. Into a size 8 Loft dress.

Obviously it was TIGHT, but I did my hair up, and slapped on some red lips, and wore insanely high heels, so y’know, I did the most I could, with what I had, and truthfully I think I rocked the gala. Tight dress n’ all. And had a fabulous time! 

The Gala was a benefit for Big Brothers and Sisters of Toronto and it was amazing. Really & truly. About two weeks ago, by chance, I actually looked into becoming a big sister. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and have been seriously considering lately, and now, after attending this event, it’s something I’m definitely going to do. (I actually submitted my application last Friday.)  They had the 2014 “bigs” and “littles” up on stage, and hearing their stories was so inspiring. 

The food was delicious (steak!), and then after the dinner, live auction, and presentations, all eight hundred of us headed to the court yard for a smores buffet, fire, live music, and mojitos!  

I can also assure you that besides the whole this-is-a-work-event thing, my tight dress kept me in check eating wise. And with that, one fabulous night down to an epic weekend that had just begun. 

~ More Photos here

May 13th, 2014
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Day in the life of


  • Work is crazy crazy crazy busy lately, and I have some really huge deadlines coming up, which means I feel like I get to work, take a few breaths, look up and it’s nearly 7pm.  But it’s also fun!  I *love* my job, and feel so lucky to have it. Actually, I’m also really pleased with my current career path potential, and I’m happy that i’ve got to experience working in a massive bank (first corporate job), a massive, national company (in Australia), and now a start-up.  Having my previous bank/corporate experience makes me not only appreciate the environment/atmosphere I work in, and the people, but also how fast change is at this company. Seriously, it’s like night n’ day to the bank, and amazing to be a part of.


  • 5.2km in 40 minutes. Slow, and anything but steady, but I did it!


  • After my run I showered (obvs), did some major life chores (cleaning/laundry), and prepared everything for the dinner I am cooking tomorrow…. for a guy… I like. As I’m terrible with cooking I actually replicated the dinner for myself tonight, and I’m sooooo pleased I did. I’m making Martha Stewart’s mustard chicken, (with a side of beans, potatoes, and then ice-cream for dessert) and although the mustard chicken recipe was still delicious tonight, it didn’t really go according to plan (my bread crumbs wouldn’t stick to the chicken, and my sauce never got thick???). Anywho… I prepped everything for tomorrow night, set the table (complete with wine and opener ready to go - I know, I’m so lame), and am now going to paint my nails, and curl my hair.

PHEW! You see? Life is busy with real, life, things these days. And I say ‘real life things’ because I remember when I was traveling, wanting exactly this, and now I have it, and I am quite the happy and content camper because of it.

May 6th, 2014
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Oh, happy happy Tuesday!

Look at me, owning the day by prepping my meals and snacks last night. I’ve been remarkably bad at this lately, but I am flying through money on lunches, which means I need to buckle down, and start planning ahead.  


Two whole scrambled eggs and bacon


This yummy, yummy salad. For protein I usually prefer chicken, but as chickpeas are 0.74 cents right now, chickpeas it is! 


Roasted cauliflower & broccoli (and not pictured, some heavenly cheese) 

I’m also meeting a friend for dinner tonight, so I’ll be sure to order something healthy, which will mark my first truly healthy (no cheating, ahmen) day in a long, long time. 

Scale read 182.5 this morning. My first mini goal is to simply see the 170s again! Woot woot! 

May 2nd, 2014
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It’s an exciting day here in the office as we launch our site into the United States (yipee!), which means my outfit of the day naturally complimented this event. (okay, well It was completely by chance, but let’s pretend). 

So firstly, red pants. I repeat, RED PANTS. I never wear red pants. Red pants make me nervous. But here I am, wearing red pants. And a black top. And a white blazer. The entire outfit cost me $72, which I think is pret-ty good. 

And on that note, back to work I go (I actually have a billion things to write about, but life - it’ll getcha. So. So. Soooooo busy these days). 

April 28th, 2014
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Well, I don’t know about you, but I showed up to work this morning having left my laptop at home. Yup. Cool. And my week is off to an excellent start. 
And in other news, I really like my outfit today. Colour blocking FTW. 
Pants —> Smart Set
Pink Top —> Forever 21
White Blazer —> Smart Set 
Shoes —> Can’t remember
Hair —> Friday’s :|

Well, I don’t know about you, but I showed up to work this morning having left my laptop at home. Yup. Cool. And my week is off to an excellent start. 

And in other news, I really like my outfit today. Colour blocking FTW. 

April 24th, 2014
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  • It’s really hard to take a photo of the back of your head. Know that. Remember that. OR, maybe it’s just me… and I am really bad at it. Probably the latter.
  • Today was a corals and white type of day.  Although, this outfit made me feel really fat today. I have a spare tire, and yet I am not a car. Hmmm. HMMMM. Actually, I was THISCLOSE to cropping my stomach out of the top photo, but I’m in an honest mood, and so there you go.
  • I am going for a RUN tomorrow MORNING. Yes. Yes. I know. Really I should be sleeping as I type this, but I was laying in bed, drifting off to slumber land, when the desire to ‘write’ hit me. And so here I am. (And I say ‘write’, because bahaha; bullet points)
  • So… I hit a low moment last night. Why I even share this, I do not know. But… I paid for lives on Candy Crush. Paid. Good money. For an effing game. Damnit. Level 65 you will be minnnne. Soon. I hope.
  • Despite this being a really short week for me, I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday. 
  • The weekend ahead is busy. Like, whoa. Watching the basketball game with friends tomorrow night (while we plan our Quebec City trip). Then brunch on Saturday morning. Date-date on Saturday night. Horse riding on Sunday. And somewhere in there I have to give Lily all the snuggles. And try to workout. And clean. And pay bills. And sleep. Because I love me a good sleep. (Also, I got myself a Swiffer wetjet, and you guys, I’m in love.)
  • I am officially on the “Parenthood” train. Pretty much I want to marry Adam, and have all his children, and be in that family. That is all. But that was a lot.
  • I’ve been thinking of “vlogging.” *shudders from that word*
  • I had to cancel my appointment with the nutritionist today due to an all-day meeting. It made me sad. I really want to keep seeing her. Hopefully we can reschedule again soon.
  • I’m on day 24 of my fake lashes. Also known as the most awkward day evvvvvver. They’re seriously all over the place now, and I want them gone, but don’t want to pull out my real lashes. So yup. Cool. In the name of beauty, right?!
  • I also have a super ugly blood-shot eye right now (I hope it’s gone before Saturday’s date). I woke up with it, and I feel like I shoot people a dagger eye when I look at them.
  • Lent is over! Which means I can now eat office food again.  Except not. Because I can’t control myself around peanut m&ms and cheese, and chips, and dammit. So my new rule is “I’m allowed ONE office delight a day.” True, this is still probably more than what most normal-not-obsessed-and-constantly-thinking-about-the-Lindt-Easter-Egg-jar people would eat, but I’m trying.
  • I feel like I’m a really, shitty blogger later.
  • Tinder. I am on it. And I had my first date from it. So there’s that.
  • So this is fucked: I’ve gained weight recently, but don’t really care, but then care that I don’t care, because I want to care more. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Tonight I went out for drinks with a work friend, and met her friends (awkwardly waves to Erica & Kayla). And get this, in this crazy, small, world we live in, and in an amazing turn of events, Erica reads this blog. How cool is that? Also, my theory continues to hold true, if you read my blog, we could probably be BFFs IRL. Just sayin’
  • What else? That’s really it. But then again, that was a lot.
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