November 13th, 2011
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  • more than anything i want there not to be a little, naked, boy begging for money at midnight on the street
  • more than anything i want to be skinny
  • more than anything i want the old, hunched, lady to not have to gather recycling bottles in order to eat
  • more than anything i want to look pretty
  • more than anything i want the orphanages here not to be plagued with corruption
  • more than anything i want to have a boy rest his hand on my side, and not desperately suck in - attempting to be thin
  • more than anything i want all the people affected by land mines to receive the funds they need, in order to live regular lives
  • more than anything i wish i was a size 4
  • more than anything i wish there weren’t still live landmines in cambodia, 30 years after they were planted
  • more than anything i wish he liked me more
  • more than anything i wish cambodia’s genocide hadn’t happened
  • more than anything i wish i could eat less
  • more than anything i wish the woman and her three children weren’t sleeping under a tree and had a home to stay in
  • more than anything i wish i could not binge eat
  • more than anything i wish sex trafficking didn’t exist
  • more than anything i wish…  
November 13th, 2011
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Cambodian Wedding!!

Yesterday my friends and I hired ourselves a guide to show us around the Angor Temples (one of the 7th wonders of the world - post to come on this later). Our guide, “Mr. T.,” was pretty awesome and ended up inviting us to his friend’s wedding! 

We were so hesitate to go, umm… yes, but we’ve never met the bride or groom?!? but apparently in Cambodia, weddings are open to anyone and everyone who wants to come celebrate (donation permitting, of course)!

The bride and groom in their traditional Cambodian outfits. 

Cambodian weddings are long and intricate affairs that consist of multiple ceremonies… Saturday was day number two of this couple’s celebrations. 

A Kiwi, a Canadian, and an Australia at a Cambodian wedding. I think it was a very high end wedding (re: Heineken beer, and everything was “very expensive,” as Mr. T put it).

And then there was the food…. 

Oh Lordy, the food… that centre plate is “black chicken,” which we were told is incredibly high quality chicken. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  As I’m vegetarian (including no fish) these days, I dined on rice, veggies, peanuts, beer, and lychees (which I looovvvve). 

They were lychees with spikes, but nonetheless, delicious!

Also, one of their traditions is to do a cheers at the table every single time someone’s glass is full. Umm, that’s a lot of cheers when there are 10 people at the table with very small glasses. 

My favourite part was the bridesmaids. Omg! omg! omg! they were soooo cute! All sisters too. Their dad was so proud and asked me to email him my pics. 

See? Told you they were cute. And the bridal party (along with all the woman there) were STUNNING. Like, whoa. I couldn’t stop staring at their eyelashes as they were all so long (seriously, south east asia has really tapped into the long-eyelashes market). The bride wore several outfits. This was her western one. 

And of course, just like with all weddings, there was dancing!

Lots and lots of dancing. Their traditional wedding dance was a lot like line dancing. 

Mr. T. ended up getting pretty drunk, then wanting to drive us to another bar, which lead to awkward times as me, the Kiwi, and Australian stood there staring at him, then the car, then the police everywhere… who didn’t seem to care about all the drinking and driving going on (which was pretty bad, I must say). 

However, we did all make it to the next bar alive, and i ended up rolling into bed at about 3am, with a date with a British lawyer set for 7:30pm tonight.  

He’s originally from Salsbury, England, but has lived in Bangkok for the past 12 years, and is moving back to London next year. He was a true gentleman too, asking me on a proper ”date,” as opposed to just lip locking (so Liz-when-she-was-22 style) on the d. floor. So yes. You guys, I am going on a date tonight. In Cambodia!!

I was impressed with his smooth skillz, killer blue eyes and blue-steel cheek bones (true story) that I actually said yes, although sitting here now, I’m a little (re. a lot) nervous. But I suppose, if anything, it’ll be nice to talk to someone new and to hear what he has to say about Bangkok’s flooding… as I head there tomorrow (despite the British goverment currently having a ban for their citizens to go, and the Canadian government issuing an “avoid non-essential" travel. 


Right now it’s 3:30pm (12 hours ahead of Toronto time), and I’m lying in bed somewhat watching 101 Dalmatians (seriously, Cruella De Vil is soooo evil) and answering emails. Sundays are good days… hope you have a good one too! xo Liz

November 12th, 2011
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Busy day in Siem Reap, Cambodia… checking out temples, and y’know, kissing new men. :)

Busy day in Siem Reap, Cambodia… checking out temples, and y’know, kissing new men. :)

November 11th, 2011
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And then this happened today!!

I opted to let a live taranchula crawl on my arms, as apposed to eat a dead one. I’m considerate like that. 

Ps. for more photos of Mr. Taranchula (and my trip) you can check out my Picasa Web Albums

November 11th, 2011
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This was my final night in Phom Pen, Cambodia. Lots and lots of fun partying with the locals. The streets were packed with young people celebrating Cambodia’s Independence 

November 10th, 2011
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As I said in the post before, 50% of Cambodia’s 22 million people are under the age of 25 and it’s *very* noticeable. Everyone is soooo young! Which meant me and my 3 friends headed down to the river to sit on the palace lawn and party-hardy with the locals to celebrate their Independence and the festival of water.  

Click on the photos to see them big, including my mad shutter skillz on their royal palace, because it’s not like I’m proud of this or anything *insert shifty eyes here,* and then *slow clap on your part* :)

November 10th, 2011
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A Somber Day in Cambodia.

Just like everyone else, who has ever visited the Cambodian Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng (the genocide museum), I was stunned by the photos of the victims staring at me from the past. 

Really, and as I’m sure you can imagine, it was a horrifying experience and one that has left me thinking about the human race all day.  I’d be lying if I said I knew a lot about the Cambodian genocide (1975 to 1979) before today, but today after learning all about it, I (again) was stunned to my core and left questioning what the human race is capable of. 

In 2004 I went to several Concentration Camps in Poland and Germany, and forever was humbled by that experience, often still finding myself thinking about it.

Today, after seeing what I saw, I know for the rest of my life I’ll be carried back to Cambodia’s grass fields, where millions of innocent people lost their lives. 

~ If you’d like to continue reading, and see my photos, please click below (some photos are quite graphic and very sad) ~ 

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November 10th, 2011
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The travel bling-bling I’ve collected along the way…. Germany, Croatia, Nepal, Vietnam, and then today’s addition (pink watch!) Cambodia.

Hey! Hush youuuu, it’s probably my final hurrah of, I-get-to-wear-meaningful-yet-useless-crap-on-my-arm, so obviously, I’m taking mad advantage of it. Obviously. 

November 9th, 2011
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~ Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Independence Day Celebrations ~

November 9th, 2011
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After a long day of travel I’m safe and sound in The Kingdom of Cambodia. Woot! But… not without struggle. 

To get my Cambodian visa was US$20. Or, so the sign said. Apparently the sign was wrong, as today it was US$30.  Then, we had to wait for the ferry for about 2 hours. Even though the ferries kept coming and going (empty!), as the police simply weren’t allowing us on. Ohhhhhh, what’s this? If we slip Mr. Po-Po some moola, he’ll then allow us on, ohhhhhhh. Then, while coasting along a country road, there was a random stop point of police/government just wanting money for us to get through. 

But-but-but, tonight should be good! It’s Cambodia’s 57th anniversary from being Independent from France, which means fireworks down by the river are on the agenda, as is a bottle of (very very cheap) wine. 

Ps. Apparently Cambodia is the 12th most corrupt country in the world (Forbes)

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