March 22nd, 2013
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Best Friends.


She’s snoozing away next to me at this moment in time. At this moment in time *in* Australia.  I repeat, *in* Australia.


Seeing her walk out of the Brisbane airport gate was surreal; she was the first familiar-from-home face I had seen in the past fifteen months and absolutely one of my favourites. I felt overwhelmed with love when I saw her, and just wanted to touch her and hug her and tell her ‘omg, you’re here! YOU’RE HERE!’ And she was. Ready to take Australia by storm. 

We met on the first day of high school and were instant friends. We were the two new kids, the two awkward new kids, and bonded instantly at our fashion faux-pas (her in pants in a sea of kilts, and me with unshaven legs & fuzzy hair - don’t ask).

This year marks fourteen years of friendship for her and I, and I feel so lucky to call this lady my best friend. We are so different, and yet so similar, and I feel like we are always constantly learning from each other. I live vicariously through her stable life at home (she’s gonna buy a house soon, as well as be an accountant!), and just today she noted that she admires my experiences and that I inspire her(!). (I am so happy & humbled I inspired her to run three half marathons.)

Without question, she is the kindest person I know, and I have to hang my head in shame when I think of my response to her wise words about my whole Matt situation - she always (always) wants what’s best for me. Her ability to balance her boyfriend, a full-time job, her faith, studying for her CPA, exploring the city of Toronto, heading to concerts, and staying on top of things has always left me amazed. She is beautiful, and funny, and someone who I certainly not only look up to (pun! as she is tall!), but also respect the hell out of.

She has been by my side through many stages in my life (first kiss, to sexy times, to heartbreaks, to finding new jobs, places to live, friend fights, etc.) and travelled to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Aruba and now (yay!) Australia with me and showed me that, umm, Liz, Toronto is a pret-ty awesome city too.

The past two weeks have been the trip of a lifetime. Two friends who know each other inside & out exploring Down Under together. It’s a trip that until the day I die will mean so much to me, and the fact she was willing to visit me will not soon be forgotten.

Angela, you continue to inspire, amaze and support me; thank you. Thank you for the peeing-my-pants laughing moments, for the love, support and kindness you constantly show me (and the people around you), and for booking those tickets to Australia. The thought of you leaving on Sunday hurts my heart, but I’ll soon be home in Toronto and ready for our kayaking adventures, lazy swimming pool days, Starbucks dates, and dinner dates.

And although I have no idea what the future holds for our two lives (good things I’m sure!), I have no doubt you’ll always be in that special friendship part of my heart, and we’ll always, always, remember Australia, as the best days of our lives.

Love you! ximage


(say cheese! this pic is more for the sunset, than us (because whoa), but still, yay!)

March 22nd, 2013
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Well, well, well, what do we have here? A little bit (more) Harbour action, Bondi Beach, a kangaroo, a koala bear, St. Mary’s Church and just all around Sydney awesomeness.

March 22nd, 2013
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I was camera-happy in this beautiful city. Really, and truly I could not get enough of the Opera House!

March 22nd, 2013
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And with that I am at ‘home’ in Melbourne, and Sydney is but a mere memory. And what a memory it shall be! Without a doubt, Sydney is visually the prettiest city I’ve ever seen. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the sparkling water, skyscrapers, parks and palm trees, literally made my city-loving heart skip a beat.

Actually, I think Sydney just may be the best city in the world to live in… if you’re rich. Big tagline right there, “if you’re rich.” The city oozes wealth & money & luxury, and after a little research it looks like they boast some of the most expensive property in the world too. 

Angela and I were busy, busy (tourist) bees in Sydney and made the most of our time in this beautiful, sunny city… we: took the hop-on, hop-off bus, we went to Bondi Beach, we rode the monorail, we walked for hours, we went to the Sydney Zoo, we went to Manly Island, visited the Opera House, crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, had beers overlooking the harbour (whoa), took lots of random buses to see where they went, hung out in the botanical gardens & admired St. Mary’s Church.

See? So busy.

The image of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge & Opera House has actually always been the epitome of Australia to me. When I used to think of Australia, I’d think of Sydney and it was so (so!) wonderful to finally see it in person. It truly is a spectacular city with a beautiful harbour, but as I confessed on my Instagram, it made me miss Melbourne. Sydney felt absolutely huge next to my little Melbourne and despite loving all that Sydney had to offer, I’m quite relieved to say I picked the right Australian city for me to live in. (oh hai there Melbourne, you sexy beast, you).

So, not that my stamp of approval means anything, but add Sydney to your list, friends. It’s a hell of a city with what surely must be the world’s most gorgeous harbour front.

March 18th, 2013
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I’m so lame I’m cool, right? RIGHT?

Welcome! I'm Liz, the girl relieved the Internet has 0 calories. South African by birth; Canadian on paper. A marathoner. CrossFitter. Paleo (somewhat) eater. Traveler. Cheese lover. And I think you're great!

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