October 25th, 2011
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Email from The Australian Drummer.

"Cherish the people you meet, because they are a connection to a place and time that can never be retrieved, except by sharing more time together."

October 25th, 2011
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His eyes. It was all in his eyes. When I’d glance at them, time stood still. Moments were hours. Seconds were days. My mind got lost in a blue I didn’t know existed… 

"I like your blue eyes," I said.
"I like you,” he replied.

October 23rd, 2011
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It’s weird. And honestly? I really have no idea where to start.  How do I explain the last 3 weeks of my life?  16 other people in this world can relate, but to a reader at their computer, or my family and friends? I don’t know.  I’ve seen some of the most extreme poverty of my life recently, and some of the most breathtaking views the world has to offer.  I’ve met an Australian boy who infatuated me, kissed me below Everest, and opened my eyes to other perspectives in the world.  I got my nose pierced, removed my pearls, and met a ridiculous number of Australian travelers (seriously – is there anyone left in their country?) who I became fast and good friends with.

I had this life experience that won’t ever be able to be captured in words, or photos, or explanations, but it changed me. Forever.  16 days in the Himalayas – my God, that’ll change anyone.  There were nights when the altitude was so high that rotating in my sleeping bag left me gasping for air, nights where I’d stare at white mountain peaks, outlined by the moon, and realize how tiny I am in this world, and then nights when I lay in bed and couldn’t believe the life I was living. 

Every choice, every decision, every moment I’ve ever had, had lead me to where I was. Where I am. Every fight. Every struggle. Every fork in the road. It was all there for a reason.


I write this as the clock strikes midnight in Kathmandu, Nepal, and I just realized “October 23” means I’ve been gone from my home for exactly one month.  One month. Yet it feels like an eternity.  I ran the Berlin marathon. Drove the coast of Croatia. Fell in love. Loved London. Hiked for 16 days to Base Camp Everest. Met another boy who changed my reasoning. And realized this isn’t my life by chance. This is the life I created. Am creating.

There is nothing in this world like accomplishing a goal. Achieving something you thought not possible. Achieving something nobody can ever take away from you. My 3rd full marathon. Reaching Base Camp Mt. Everest. Those are mine. I did that. I planned it. Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be.  And I know it’s all sorts of lame, and corny, and taboo to say, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise, this all started when I decided to get healthier and lose weight, because it was through that that I proved to myself that I can, indeed, do anything I want in this life I lead.

Absolutely, anything at all.

October 22nd, 2011
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Notice anything different? Hmmmm?

Ed Note: Sister Dear, please don’t freak out. xo

October 21st, 2011
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I may not have stood on top of the world, but I was directly below it.


Kathmandu tomorrow morning via the world’s deadliest airport in Lukla, Nepal (good vibes please!) and then checking into the Hyatt to treat myself to a shower, bed with sheets and free wifi - can’t wait to fully report back as the last 3 weeks have been truly spectacular and life changing.

October 19th, 2011
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Made it! Hardest thing of my life.

- Base Camp Mount Everest, 5,364m above sea level.

October 11th, 2011
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Because holy shit! I’m in the himalayas!! So in love with these mountains. Currently at 3,424meters! (11,230ft) and the tip of Everest has been viewed, still a long ways away though…

(also, no shower in 5 days, because that’s how I roll. Woot!)

October 8th, 2011
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BRB - Hiking to Base Camp, Mt. Everest.

Happy thoughts please - because, ummm, yes, it’s Everest!!

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