January 16th, 2012
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They Say it Takes 21 Days to Break a Habit…

Twenty one simple days. That’s it. That’s all.

Twenty one days to establish a new routine. Twenty one days to break a bad one. Twenty one days to lose your cravings (I’m looking at you fromage, you delicious beast, you). Twenty one days to create a better lifestyle for yourself. Myself.

A better lifestyle for myself.

I want that. Hell, I need that.

In the last few weeks I’ve let that whatever, I don’t care gene creep back in and take over. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start Monday. I’ll start…

Enough is enough.

I’m tired of waking up and not knowing what to wear because everything is too small.
I’m tired of seeing the number on the scale creep up, and up, and up.
I’m tired of seeing my reflection and seeing my recent weight gain all over.
I’m tired of wanting to stay in because people will see how big I’ve got.
I’m tired of buying candy and eating it alone. (Ya… I know)
I’m tired of taking a million and one photos, then choosing the skinniest one to trick people (you are the people, Little Blog)
I’m tired of going to bed at night promising myself tomorrow will be different.
I’m tired of waking up, and then wash, rinse, repeat.
I’m just tired. Of wishing. And hoping. And not committing

But last night? Last night was different. Last night I committed. And not in that bullshit I’m just saying it to make myself feel better type of way. I said it. I meant it. And then today…

Today was Day One. [Always the hardest day to conquer, I personally find]

They say it takes twenty one days to break a habit.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is Day Two.

And so, as I’m about to head to bed at 11:30pm on this Monday night, for the first time, in a long time, I have no regrets from the day. I’m not wishing, wanting or hoping I hadn’t eaten this, or that, because today I changed. Today I was the person I wanted to be. Today was a good, good day.

And wanna know the kicker? Tomorrow will be the same. As will the next day. And the next one after that. I know that, because I’ve decided that.

They say it takes twenty one days to break a habit.

And you know what? twenty one days isn’t that long either. It’s actually been twenty two days since Christmas. See? time flies. Which means, inevitably - of course, time will tick on, and then suddenly I’ll find myself twenty one days from this moment and have either made a change. Or not.

But I’m making the change. I made the change. It started today.

So what’s my game plan, you ask? It’s simple, really:

  • Calorie counting.
  • Running/Moving.
  • No restrictions on any foods
  • No severe, text-book diet.

To be honest, I’m just not going to be stupid anymore. And I’m not going to lie to myself anymore <— that, my friends, is so, so, SO, important.

A calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie. Calories-In, must be less than calories-out.

Simple, isn’t it?

I just want a nice, normal, non-obsessive change. I need a change. So I’m making a change. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it kind of is. Decide. Commit. Change.

But. (Oh that but!) I’m not as naive as some of the above makes me out to sound.  There will be slip ups. There will be moments of celebration for birthdays, promotions and weddings (again, that just sounded good, I have no weddings coming up), and then the times cheese just stares me in the face. There will be obstacles. And yes, I may will slip up. I’m human and love food like that. But. (Oh-oh! praise the Lord, because this is a good but.) This time I will keep trying, keep fighting, keep trying to get my old self back. And then some. This time, I refuse to give up.

It will be hard (soooooo hard).
And yes, it will take a long (soooooo long) time.

But for the first time, in a long time, I suddenly don’t doubt that I will change. Because I thought about it (<— for weeks), then decided to do it (<— last weekend), then committed today (this post is my contract with you, btw), and then I changed (<— today!).

It’s possible - to be the people we want to be. Slowly, but surely, we can do it.

They say it takes twenty one days to break a habit.

This is Day One’s Summary:

1,390 calories consumed
3km (2 miles) run.

October 23rd, 2011
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It’s weird. And honestly? I really have no idea where to start.  How do I explain the last 3 weeks of my life?  16 other people in this world can relate, but to a reader at their computer, or my family and friends? I don’t know.  I’ve seen some of the most extreme poverty of my life recently, and some of the most breathtaking views the world has to offer.  I’ve met an Australian boy who infatuated me, kissed me below Everest, and opened my eyes to other perspectives in the world.  I got my nose pierced, removed my pearls, and met a ridiculous number of Australian travelers (seriously – is there anyone left in their country?) who I became fast and good friends with.

I had this life experience that won’t ever be able to be captured in words, or photos, or explanations, but it changed me. Forever.  16 days in the Himalayas – my God, that’ll change anyone.  There were nights when the altitude was so high that rotating in my sleeping bag left me gasping for air, nights where I’d stare at white mountain peaks, outlined by the moon, and realize how tiny I am in this world, and then nights when I lay in bed and couldn’t believe the life I was living. 

Every choice, every decision, every moment I’ve ever had, had lead me to where I was. Where I am. Every fight. Every struggle. Every fork in the road. It was all there for a reason.


I write this as the clock strikes midnight in Kathmandu, Nepal, and I just realized “October 23” means I’ve been gone from my home for exactly one month.  One month. Yet it feels like an eternity.  I ran the Berlin marathon. Drove the coast of Croatia. Fell in love. Loved London. Hiked for 16 days to Base Camp Everest. Met another boy who changed my reasoning. And realized this isn’t my life by chance. This is the life I created. Am creating.

There is nothing in this world like accomplishing a goal. Achieving something you thought not possible. Achieving something nobody can ever take away from you. My 3rd full marathon. Reaching Base Camp Mt. Everest. Those are mine. I did that. I planned it. Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be.  And I know it’s all sorts of lame, and corny, and taboo to say, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise, this all started when I decided to get healthier and lose weight, because it was through that that I proved to myself that I can, indeed, do anything I want in this life I lead.

Absolutely, anything at all.

September 13th, 2011
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Did I ever tell you…

that story about my hill training? No? I didn’t think I did. 

I had arrived early at the hill to get a few hill repeats in, before my running group showed up (as I’m a slow runner, and don’t like finishing last).  I was on my second hill repeat when it happened.

Eyes forward. Shoulders loose. Arms pumping. Breath.

I felt the hover of the car just behind me. 

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot.


What? What was that? Why isn’t this car passing me?

Pump. Stride. Breath. 

I fought the urge to turn and see, y’know, play it cool for a few strides. But eventually my curiosity got the better of me…

And there it was, a car filled with five twenty-something guys all staring at me. Looking at me. Laughing at me.

I panicked.

Pump. Stride. Breath. Breath-Liz-Breath!

My eyes darted between the 5 faces in the car, trying to see if I recognized anyone.  I didn’t.  The back and front windows were open, and the two closest to me were hanging out the side.  They kept laughing. Kept pointing. Laughing and pointing and staring at me. I didn’t smile. I didn’t flinch.  I just kept running. Trying to comprehend what was going on.

And then I saw it. They were taking photos of me. Or wait, was it a video? I instantly envisioned the photos. My God, and the video.  My short shorts. My thighs. The fat spilling out of my top. The cellulite.

Ohmygod. What is happening? Who are they? Why won’t they drive off?

Eventually the car passed me, and their laughter and a honk disappeared around the corner.  I stopped running. I stopped moving. I wanted to sit down and cry. Disappear. I wanted to disappear. It was literally my worst running nightmare come true.  The reason for years, and years, and years I sat in my house, not wanting to leave  in fear of being judged. In fear of being seen. In fear of being noticed.

I didn’t blog about it when it first happened, as I was scared it had something to do with this blog.  Scared those photos were going to appear on some website, or perhaps even in my email.  I still have absolutely no idea who those guys were, or why they took photos of me running up a hill, but it really shook me. To my core.

I then felt myself regress.  Regress to the old, self conscious, self-hating, person I once was. It was awful.  All those familiar feelings of feeling like I did not belong. Did not deserve. Was useless. Was doomed… 

It took me a few days, and a couple of runs to get over it, but I did. And I can’t say enough how thankful I am that that happened to me now, and not 2 years ago when I was a new runner, a very (very!) self conscious new runner. When I was not strong enough of a person to realize those stupid assholes’ actions and comments do not define me. Because they don’t, they really, really don’t.

Two years ago, that incident would have ruined me.

But today, at this point in my life, I am strong and confident and happy enough to (eventually realize to) flip those losers the bird, and truly know the person I am, a girl running up a big hill towards her goals, her dreams, and yes, a cellulite-free-bum, is a better person than any of those guys are, and there is no way in hell I’m letting them define me, even for a moment in time.

September 5th, 2011
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You in?

So i have this thing called a weight loss blog. I know, weird, right? I started it ages and ages ago, trying to keep myself accountable for the extra pounds I carried on my waist.

It started little, very small actually, I think only two people read my words for the first 6 months, but that actually somewhat suited me.  I did well with my weight too. No exercise, just watching what I ate. And of course, the little weight loss blog helped me too.  I’d want to eat something, but then the thought of confessing it to my two little readers wouldn’t sit well, so I’d walk away from it, and in turn lost weight. It was fantastic, I had found the 21st century diet - and it was all online!

Then the months ticked on, and the little weight loss blog grew, and with it my goals, and dreams, and my awareness that others were suddenly reading my words.  I started shifting the posts, occasionally at first, to other things about the little life I lead, and less and less about my actual weight.  Of course, that meant I had broken my new diet, but it was my blog, my prerogative, my choice, I didn’t have to blog my weight if I didn’t want to, just my life, from little things, to the big.

And so I did just that, ignoring my weight, for months and months and months.

But there was one little problem with all of that, and that was this: I wasn’t being held accountable any more.  If I stepped on the scale, and the number was up, nobody needed to know, right?  People would message me, “but what about One Twenty Five?” the silly little name I had given my blog. And I’d quickly delete those messages, because out of sight, out of mind…

And so I kept on blogging about life things, not scale or weight or food things, and the loss of accountability started to show. In my pants. In my dresses. In my skirts. And on the scale. I was gaining, ever so slowly, but I was gaining.

Every morning you can step on the scale, see a higher number, and think about the previous day…  you can wonder why the scale is up, or look at the reality of the situation. You, my friend, ate too much. That’s it. It’s simple, really.  There is absolute no secret to this weight loss game. [[I learned that one the hard way]]

My scale is up because I’ve eaten too much. I promise you that. I’ve eaten more than the girls who weigh one twenty five, one thirty five, or one forty five. It’s actualy simple math.

Losing weight is about not lying to yourself. At the end of the day, when you’re lying in bed, did you eat right? It’s a simple yes or no answer.  For the last 6 months I’ve told myself yes, would get annoyed at the scale, but the reality was obviously no. 

Weight loss is hard. It’s constant. And takes a long, long time. It’s a commitment, a decision to you and yourself. If you want to lose weight, if you envision yourself smaller, at some point you’re going to actually have to make the decision and do it, so what about tonight?

I’ve learned it doesn’t matter how many inspiring weight loss blogs you read, how many weight loss shows you watch, how many size smaller clothes you buy (ohmygod I have so many!), how many times you say, I want to lose weight, until you actually sit there alone, and realize that at some point you will have to not eat those cupcakes when they’re offered to, not order the side fries, not walk to the kitchen for the late night snack, until you sit there and make that decision, and stop lying to yourself, you’re living in this weight loss world of wishing and hoping and not committing. Which has been me for the last 6 months.

I weigh 158 pounds. That means I’m up 12 pounds since my low of 147 on March 1st.  I’m recommitting, tonight, right now, because there’s no point in wasting another day, right? I’m going to hold myself accountable for you and for me. No more lies. No more stupid decisions. No more wishing and hoping without the dedication and hard work that goes with it.

My name is Liz, I want to lose 33 pounds by December 31, 2011 (remember, a goal without a deadline is just a dream), no more lying, no more being stupid, no more making bad decisions and then wondering why. Let’s do this.

I’m in. Are you?

August 28th, 2011
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My body is tired.
Very, very tired.
In 9 days my legs have run 91km.
That’s 57 miles, for you American folk.
That’s, ummm, a lot.

I was thinking something on this morning’s run.
[So the story goes… as I seem to think a lot]
About how being over weight has somewhat been a blessing in disguise.
I know, right? Whoa.

But listen me through.
I would never (ever-ever) have got into running, simply “just to run”
Never ever, like, at all.
If I had been skinny, or naturally smaller,
not in a million and one years would I ever thought to run
because really, what would have been the point?

I got into running “to lose weight,” and as it now appears,
3 years down the road,
I’ll probably be a runner the rest of my days
Shock. Gasp. Wha? I know.

I’ll always run
not because it made me lose weight
or because i find meditation from it
or because I enjoy the actual act
[because I don’t, like, at all]
[and btw, who are you people that do?!]
but because running has slowly become a part of the new me
the better me
the me I want to be.


and its given me hope, when I saw none
a goal to work towards, when everything seemed wrong
let me believe in myself, and see that I can do anything
[because really, I can].

And now, on this Sunday afternoon
as my body hurts, and mind is weary
I secretly enjoy this muscle pain
as it’s the feeling of hard work, commitment
and dedication.

Three things I’m not sure I would have found,
learned, and become
had I not ever been overweight,
and not got into running.

April 13th, 2011
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So, You Wanna Lose Weight?


This is the part where I tell you I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, or anyone with any special qualifications to write a post of such a nature. This is the part that will cover my ass if someone out there follows my ideas, and then things go awry. This is where I reinforce my ultimate goal, the ultimate goal of throwing on a white t-shirt, and a pair of jeans and liking what I see – having, what I consider, a normal, nice, body, not a size 0 body, or even 2, or even 4, but a size comfortable, a size where I can sit in that white t-shirt and pair of jeans and not worry about my stomach. I’m not trying to be skin and bones, or to be unhealthy… so do not take my thoughts the wrong way. I just think I’m being realistic. I wrote the words below to my 200+ self (aka a twenty something female actually considered “obese”). I didn’t write them to a 125 pound person, trying to weigh sub 100. Here my tips, from my(!!) experience, the experience of a 26 year old girl who has lost 50+ pounds… and still wants to lose 25 more.

Motivation and Commitment,

Whatever, Nike, it’s not just as simple as “just do it” because guess what? If it was that simple, we all would have “just done it.” Sadly, it’s every man for himself when it comes to finding motivation. And most likely, finding motivation will be the hardest part of the whole losing-weight-journey-thing. All I know is that no matter what I write here, no matter how many inspiring blogs you read, no matter the number of skinny photos you ogle at, it’s 110% up to you.

Nobody, and I seriously mean nobody, can lose your weight, but you.

I learned that one the hard way. I have had a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a blog dedicated to losing weight. I have trained for a freaking full marathon and then run two marathons(!!). I have told friends and family about my goals. I have had every type of support surrounding me, but I didn’t do it. Why? Because I hadn’t 110% committed to it. Yes, I wanted it, but was I really willing to sit in front of a tray of cupcakes and not eat one? No. I wanted the best of both worlds. And y’know what? When it comes to losing weight, it turns out that it is impossible to have the best of both worlds. The quicker you learn that, the better. Losing weight is sacrifice and hard work and doing things you don’t want to do. <— Know that, it’s very important.

You can’t just exclaim, “I wanna lose weight! I’m gonna lose weight! YAY! Let’s do it!” because that will only last a day, or, if you’re lucky, two days. And chances are you uttered those words after a terrible day of eating or when you were full. We always promise ourselves we’ll lose weight when we’re full. It’s when we’re hungry that we forget our promises… when we lose direction, when we eat bad food, when we are bored, when we are watching TV, when we just don’t care…

Personally I’ve had several “ah-ha” moments which kicked my ass into gear, and I have also had some quiet one-on-one moments which pushed me forward. Finding motivation and committing to yourself to finally do it, once and for all is personal… you need to figure out how much it’s worth to you, how much you want it, and how much you’re willing to fight for it; because that’s what losing weight is. It is a fight with yourself. To help with this process, my only tips would be, 1. Are you human? Yes? Yes. Excellent, then it is possible for you to do it and, get this, you CAN do it. 2. It’s worth it. Despite how hard/frustrating/annoying it gets, it’s worth it. Life is better less fat (oh shit… there, I said it… I better make this another point).

Life is Better Not Fat

If you don’t think this you’re wrong. KIDDING. Or am I? Look, carrying a lot of extra weight on your body is just bad-news-bears all around. Ask a doctor. He or she will tell you. Fatness doesn’t look pleasant either (whatever, we’re all shallow), and at the end of the day it’s simply unhealthy.

I am not saying hate yourself if you’re overweight. My God, I hated everything about my body most of my life, so when I was trying to lose weight I was working against my body to do it. If you like yourself, and love your body, the entire journey will be a lot easier. I highly recommend your brain and your bod team up, and conquer your weight problem once and for all - together. Love yourself (I know, it sounds so lame), but at the end of the day, your body is the only thing you really have in this world… the journey will also be a lot easier then. Also, you’re absolutely worth it, and - sorry to break it to you - but your body is just like everybody else’s. That means that your body is more than capable of losing the weight. You can be a success story, one of those people holding up their “before” pants!! [Ed note: for all those people who are plus size and LOVE being plus size, I give you a GOLD STAR. All the power to you!! Wahoo! I am very jelly]

You Gotta Eat Less!

I know, right? Well isn’t that super crappy!? It is, indeed, it is! But, losing weight = Calories-In are less than Calories-Out. This applies no matter who you are, or what way you look at it. It’s not rocket science, it’s actually incredibly simple. It really is. Eat Less. Move more. Tis true, we all already knew this, this isn’t anything to write home about, but obviously (please see archives of this blog) it’s easier said than done. And why is that?? It is because we all think we can eat more than we actually need. That’s right folks, we humans don’t need much food. If we did, we wouldn’t have survived our tribal hunting n’ gathering and camp fire dancin’ days. We’ve been conditioned to eating more than we need.

I’m not going to tell you how many calories to eat, because I don’t know, and besides, everyone is different, but I will tell you to record what you eat, even if it’s just for one day. It’s shocking (and devastating!) how quickly calories add up, and how little 1,500 calories (for example) actually is.

Definitions Vary – so Be Careful!

Here’s something I think most people who are trying to lose weight get screwed on: definitions. Yes, in my opinion, most people who have never tried to lose weight screw the rest of us on definitions. With the exception of the tiny minority of people in this world who were blessed with the super-power of truly being able to “eat anything they want, and still not gain weight,” the rest of the world’s normal/skinny people just do not eat as much as we tubby people eat. It’s disappointing and annoying, but it is true. They don’t.

They may tell you they eat “a lot of food”, because they think that they do, but they don’t. People’s definitions of “a lot of food” vary greatly, so don’t be fooled. Follow an average sized friend around for a few days, and eat exactly what they eat, and you will lose weight. There is no secret to this game we play. When that skinny girl claims, “I ate like rubbish today, just terribly for me,” chances are her “bad day” would be a “normal day” for you, and chances are she can’t even comprehend what a “bad eating day” entails for you. I’ve probably had days with 5,000+ calories in them. Delicious. But that is why I was “obese.”. That skinny girl does not have days like that.

[I also believe lots of girls skip meals, and only really eat in public… but that’s a topic for another post.]

Anyhow, the point of this section is to say DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. It’s misleading. You have no idea how much, or how little your friends are eating behind closed doors, and from my experience, they’re not eating as much as we eat. You simply must never think, “she’s eating it, so I can…”

High-Protein, Low-Carbs, No-Carbs, Smoothie-diets, Atkins, South-Beach, Weight-Watchers, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Jenny-Craig, Dr.-B., Cabbage-diet, Eat-Clean-Diet, Amputation Diet! 

Wanna know a secret? THEY ALL WORK… if you actually follow them. That’s right: All. Of. Them. Work. Why? Because they all ensure that calories-in are less than calories-out. Remember that magic equation?

So, do I believe in diets? Somewhat. That is because I (and this really is personally for me) find that to lose weight, a diet is needed. I need a nice clear plan with nice clear rules.

Then there is the question of maintaining the new weight? Well, to do that, your lifestyle has to be altered. Losing weight and maintenaince are two different games. Do not mistake one for the other.

Obviously there are exceptions, and we all hear of those special people who “lost weight without even trying,” or who “changed one thing, adjusted their lifestyle and the fat melted off.” Well, all I can say is lucky them, but for the rest of us, to lose weight, and push through the battle of the bulge, diets help - they kick start us on our journey, keep us motivated with results, and help us realize just how little we actually have to eat in order to shed the lard.

BUT, BUT, BUT, with that being said, you need to research the program you want to do and find one that works for you. I think 90% of diets are, indeed, crap - (drink diets? psssh, please). I like the ones that incorporate healthy living into one’s diet (thus making the maintenance phase easy and realistic to adjust to - I like diets like Eat-Clean Diet, Paleo, and Weight Watchers.)

If It’s Not Working, You’re Cheating Change Something!

Chances are if it’s not working, you’re cheating. You have the wrong equation operating. If it’s not working, your equation is now calories-in are equeal to calories-out, or worse, calories-in are more than calories-out. There are so many pretty, fluffy, pink, excuses floating around to make those of us cheating, forget that we’re cheating, and believe that it’s not us, but “water weight,” or “muscle weight,” or that we are in “starvation mode,” but the reality is: if you’re not losing weight for a long period of time, something is wrong.

I DO believe that some of those excuses are legit, but what I’m simply saying, from my own oh-so-extensive experience, is that they can’t be excuses for weeks and weeks and weeks (or, if you’re like me, months, nay years!). If you’re not losing weight, you gotta come to terms with the painful news… are you cheating? yes? well that’s stupid, stop it. And secondly, and here is the even more painful news, if maybe, just maybe, (and yes, oh-so-sadly this has happened to me) you’re actually not cheating (bravo!!) and are still not losing weight, you have to change something. Losing weight is not like sliding smoothly down a slide, it’s more like taking the stairs down, so yup, you will hit flat bits (plateaus) and when you do, you have to change something, so revamp your body. When your body levels out, it’s the only way. 

If a Person Eats Something in Their Kitchen, and No One is Around to See it, Do The Calories Actually Count?

Y.E.S. This took me FOREVER to realize. All my sneaky pieces of cheese, secret chocolate bars, silent, lonely snacks COUNTED. I was only cheating myself. On that note, don’t complain and feel sorry for yourself if you’re cheating (see blog archives of me doing this). I did for 25 years… so trust me, it will get you no where fast. Besides, how does that even make sense? Exactly. It doesn’t.

Exercise Vs. Food, oh my!

If you’ve read my blog for more than 3.2 seconds, you’ll know I believe that losing weight is 95% food, and 5% exercise, and that’s me being generous. You can lose weight sitting on the couch, and you can run several marathons and gain weight. (Refer to my 2010 year for proof, please and thank you.)

However, I am absolutely pro-pro-pro working out because it helps you stay on track, reduces cellulite (who wants to be one of those skinny-fat people?) and makes you feel strong, and awesome, and accomplished, but exercise complements losing weight. Exercise is not the whole answer.

Random Tips (because this post has gotten too long… and I could write a book on this… so I’ll spare you)

  • So you’re addicted to the scale, eh? Meh. I weigh myself tons and tons and yes, probably too much, but what’s the harm? It keeps me on track and encourages me if I’m losing weight, and reminds me to eat less when I gain.
  • Deadlines. A goal without a deadline is not a goal, it’s a dream.  Set a date.  And on that date say, “Yay! I succeeded” or “I failed.”
  • Never. Give. Up.
  • Water it up yo! Sure you’ll go pee a billion times a day, but it helps (or so I hear - I suck at this).
  • A half-hour walk does not equal a brownie. And a 10k does not equal a burger and fries.
  • Eating more of something won’t help you lose weight. Calories are calories are calories.
  • Your body is working against you. Everything is working against you. LIFE is also working against you. Even your friends may be working against you.
  • It’s really hard. Every day you have to put effort in, every, singe, day. If you’re battling with this now, you’re probably gonna be a lifer. Join the club. Fat people tend to be funny, so the club is pretty awesome.
  • And finally, if being over weight is your only problem, consider yourself very, very lucky!! You have the power to change your problem? My God, lucky you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Comment! As we all know, the name of my blog is One Twenty Five, and I currently weigh 149, so OBVIOUSLY I don’t know my stuff that well, and yes, I’m still learning. I will respond to comments. (I can’t reply to “tumblr replies” though, fyi.)


I didn’t actually want to write this post, because who am I to give any sort of advice? But I’m asked this question at least a couple of times a day… and like I said, these are my thoughts, from my experience. It will obviously vary for different people.

Also, along with this post, my other unauthorized advice can be found here:


February 8th, 2011
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My Reasons to Run

To lose weight
To gain a healthy routine
To lose the cellulite on my ass
To gain confidence
To lose the jiggle in my thighs
To gain a new personal best
To lose my ‘I am so lazy’ attitude
To gain a guilt free day
To lose stretch marks
To gain arm definition
To lose my belly fat
To gain self respect
To lose a binge-drinking lifestyle
To gain energy
To lose the feeling of uselessness
To gain new legs
To lose my ‘I can’t’
To gain my ‘I can’
To lose a notch in my belt
To gain a smaller dress size
To lose my inhibitions
To gain my life back.

December 17th, 2010
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So, you wanna be a runner?




  • Firstly, I need to slap a disclaimer all over this post about how I’m probably the world’s most unauthorized person (ever!) to give any type of running advice, but as this is one of the most popular questions I receive, I’ll try my best to answer. Just please keep in mind, these tips are simply from a tubby girl’s experience, a tubby girl who seriously never thought she’d run a marathon, let alone marathons (as in plural!).

You don’t have to run a marathon, umm wha?!

  • The biggest thing I’d emphasize is start small. I know when you sign onto tumblr, create a fitblr (<— hate that word, don’t know why) blog, or read lots of health blogs, people tend to get super motivated “to run a marathon.” I NEVER had, ‘run a marathon,’ as a goal; I think I would have crashed and burned if I had. I signed up for a 5k race (which was a huge deal!), then 10k, 15k, 20k, ½ marathon, 30k and so on. So ya, to be a runner you really, really don’t have to run marathons! Hell, running a mile straight I still find impressive, as it’s actually pretty far. So take it one day at a time, and set small goals, and then who knows? Maybe one day we can run a marathon together! But if not, know you‘re still a runner if you’re getting out there and simply trying.  

Walking is not failing

  • Walking is o.k.! In fact, it’s great! It’s proven that if you run for 10 minutes, walk for 1, and so on, you’ll actually finish faster than someone, with the same age/stats, that runs the same distance continuously. I can’t stress this enough; walking is not failing!! Just make sure you keep moving. I still run 10 minutes, walk 1, and despite lots of people thinking ‘walking = fail,’ I still consider myself a ‘runner.’ 10 minutes is also a bloody long time to run when you’re starting out, so start with, “run 3, walk 1” or something, and build your way up.

Join a running group

  • This is pretty much how I ran my marathons. I had an amazing (amazing!) support group (besides the tumblr one, obs). If you live in the land of free health care, tundra and polar bears, such as I do, it’s super easy! I’m the Running Room’s #1 advocate – it’s seriously AMAZING! Their programs range from learn-to-run,- 5k, 10k, and ½ to full marathons. 99% of running will then simply be showing up. However, if you’re elsewhere in the world? sadly I can’t give you specific advice, but use your bff, Google, and look for one. It’s so worth it, you’ll meet fabulous people (I’m convinced runners are just happier people) and you won’t regret it. Don’t be worried about being the last one in the pack, I was for months, and months (and then even more months), but everyone was so nice, and people would wait (despite me shooing them on), but it forced me not to be lazy, and keep trying. And who cares if you’re slow? Being last didn’t kill me, and it won’t you (promise)!

Listen to your body.

  • Not everyone is meant to run. Running, especially long distances, is quite an unnatural thing, so your legs, and body are bound to suffer. Don’t be stupid; pain is your warning. At the beginning of 2010, I took nearly two months off for knee issues. Every day off was worth it. Rest days are just as important as running days.

Sign up for a race!

  • This may be the most important one. Sign up for a race (active.com or runningroom.com) And then tell people! Facebook status it (be that person!), tweet it, send a blimp up into the air with it. This is probably my biggest motivation to run, “shoot… I have to, the race is in 3 weeks, and everyone is expecting me to run it.” This? this works.

Spend the money

  • Running is a pretty cheap activity (exception: shoes and races), but if you’re like me, and are shallow, and wants needs to look decent while running (because omigod the people in the cars will see me), I allowed myself to buy flattering, cute tops/clothes. It helped get my ass out there. (side note: the people in the cars? Ya… they really, really don’t care about you, and if they do? They’re impressed.)

You don’t have to run as often as you think

  • For reals. Two days off a week min. When training for my full there were weeks where I only ran 4 times. Personally, I always thought to run races I’d have to run every day, but that’s not the case. Your body’s muscle memory is awesome-awesome, and 3 or 4 times a week is enough. Don’t set goals of ‘running everyday’ as you’re not a machine, and will thus crash and burn.

Push through your comfort zone

  • This point? This point I’ve only recently actually understood. So I’ll let you in on a secret; long distance, slow ‘n steady running? Ya… that type of running will NOT make the pounds fall off (BOOO!). BUT, fast, SHORT, sweaty, omigod-I’m-about-to-die runs? Ya… they will. You HAVE to push through your comfort zone. I suck at this, but it really is the only weigh (tehehehe) to lose weight from running. Learned this one the hard way.

And finally,
If it was easy, everybody would do it

  • Running is hard. The actual act of running is not soothing to the soul (at least for me), or anything like that. It’s hard, uncomfortable, and the opposite of lying in bed, and as that’s a favourite past time of mine? Running doesn’t bode well with my soul, BUT it’s more worth it than words can describe. The feeling of accomplishment after a run, or crossing a finish line (especially if you’ve ever been a lazy-(chubby)-ass, such as myself) is indescribable. You don’t need to run for hours, or even an hour, but just get out there, and do something. And despite how awesome or crappy your run is, go again, and again, and again, and I promise you, your body won’t defy the laws of being human, and then little, by little, it’ll get easier, and easier, and I have no doubt you’ll be astonished at where your feet can take you.  

Good luck, and happy running!

Love E

July 24th, 2010
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Dear E,

You’re 16 right now and your life is so fun and carefree. 

These are the things I wish I had known 8 years ago.  The things I really believe will help you be the best person you can be.

Take more time to do simple and silly things with your friends. Spend more time playing outside and less time worrying about work and tidying your room. Don’t slack on homework, you do have to study. Your summers are precious: do not waste them. Continue horse-riding after high school, you’ll miss it so much once it’s gone. Read more. Try to go to sleep earlier. Watch less tv. Take bubble baths. That boy you have a huge crush on will one day surprise you in the most incredible way possible. Always be yourself. Spend more time walking your dogs. Take lots of photos. Write more. Keep a journal. Do not weigh yourself a thousand times a day.  Don’t gossip about others. Don’t gossip about yourself. Respect yourself. On the night of June 14th, 2003 do not get into the truck with John Anderson. Don’t stress about university, you’ll get into your number one school. Do not spend money you don’t have. Yes, you will be able to live without those shoes! You’ll end up in England for a year and love it, spend money you don’t have on museums. Try to understand Chris more. Embrace your curls. Things happen for a reason: when you don’t get the world’s most perfect job that you want so badly, you’ll land an even better job that you thought wasn’t even possible. Buy Google. Don’t ask, just buy it. Sell everything you have in the stock market October 2007, and…

My absolute, number one piece of advice is lose the weight. Don’t be upset, just do it. The power to do this you can obtain, you just need to search a little and you’ll find it. I promise. This may seem like a shallow piece of advice, but it will be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done. By losing the weight you’ll have nothing to blame for the obstacles that will one day stand in your way and nothing to stop you from fulfilling your wildest dreams. 

E, you’ll go on to do unimaginable things either way, but you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You deserve the best. Be the best person you can be.

Love E.

PS. When you see a ‘fake’ snake in the basement, do NOT try and pick it up. It’s real, so RUN.

March 23rd, 2010
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At the end of the day, when you’re lying in bed, there’s nobody to blame but yourself.  You lived your day.  You made your decisions. You lived your life.

Nobody to blame, but you. Nobody to blame, but me

I made those decisions, one by one, I made them.  I put the chocolate in my mouth.  I justified it with excuses.  I did it. At the end of the day there’s nobody to blame but me.

I dream before I fall sleep.  I make wishes, and promises and let my heart go where it pleases.  It always goes to the same place. To that place, to my place.  The place where size small summer dresses grace my body, with bright coloured bikini strings tied around my neck, where white tshirts are worn with jeans and most importantly it’s the place where my mind never wonders about my weight; not even a little bit, not even at all.

The promises, the wishes, the hopes all don’t matter.  I can pray, I can wish, I can hope… but without the commitment, without that moment’s decision none of it matters, and the horrible thing is I know this.

I can’t complain any more.  I won’t complain any more. Not to you, Not to myself.  Because at the end of the day, when I’m lying in bed there’s nobody to blame but myself. 

Welcome! I'm Liz, the girl relieved the Internet has 0 calories. South African by birth; Canadian on paper. A marathoner. CrossFitter. Paleo (somewhat) eater. Traveler. Cheese lover. And I think you're great!

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