September 29th, 2011
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25 Things from 7 days.

  1. The electric toothbrush. Gold Jerry! Gold! Sigh…. oh how I miss mine. ((I am judging you if you did not know that was from Seinfeld))
  2. Marathons are hard. Like, REALLY hard. Like even if you do all your long runs, all your speed work, all your hill training, all your runs, they are really *insert word that rhymes with ducking* hard.
  3. One should not underestimate the awesomeness of a boy’s hand grabbing your hand.
  4. Time seems to have no relevance on vacation. Minutes, hours, days… nope, they mean nothing. For example, it’s 1:15am right… so be it.
  5. There is an app to track planes in the sky. Like, you hold it up to the sky, and it tells you where the plane is heading. Why does this matter? Because I ALWAYS stare at planes and wonder where the plane is going. Technology blows my mind. Especially cameras. But especially planes. [[Plane Finder —> the app]]
  6. It is possible for Lovers in a dangerous time to be stuck in your head simultaneously with the ninja turtle theme song.
  7. Boys make you fat. Not intended, but they do. He’ll order a pizza…  and I’ll be all stupid and naive, and then go be all like: oh, but then I don’t want to pretend I’m a happy bunny that was going to order a salad and gnaw on it without complaint, server! make that *two* pizzas thankyouverymuch. FAIL.
  8. Emailing family and friends has proven to be hard.
  9. Keeping up with this Blog (for me. not you) has proven harder. Everything will come soon. I think when I travel alone (off to London next, then to Nepal), it’ll be a lot easier to find time to blog and write or write and blog.
  10. The world is tiny. I was recognized right before the Berlin marathon (in my coral!) by a fine looking gentleman from the Baltics. He calmed my nerves and got me excited for the run. World? Small.
  11. We live once. I want a story when I die. I don’t know, I know that sounds messed up and lame, and all that jazz, but I do, I want to have lived.
  12. I am a-ok with being naked. Deal. I just learnt to.
  13. It’s easier said than done, saying you’ll just show up in a city and find a place to stay, and then things to do. On that note, arriving during the day is key.
  14. Very rich people seem to really like the colour white. And, they seem to bring their dogs on vacation with them, which all seem to have perfect manners.
  15. New bucket list goal: topless beach. Woot - why I never…
  16. Sometimes I whine.
  17. Also, I have drunk more wine in the last 3 days than probably in the last year combined. So delicious.
  18. The iPhone’s camera?  awful.  Now that I’ve been going SLR at it I’ve really noticed the difference, and must apologize for the quality of photos over the last fews months.
  19. It’s still terrifying to put an “underwater camera” underwater - what if it leakkks?!?
  20. Fish touching me won’t kill me. Fish touching me won’t kill me. Fish touching me won’t kill me. Fish touching me won’t kill me. Fish touching me won’t kill me.
  21. I bite my lip when I’m happy. 
  22. I am officially trademarking making out in alley ways.
  23. My sister. My brother. My mom. My dad. I can’t allow myself to think of home, because if I do? E to the Mo to the Tional.
  24. Marble that is is hundreds of years old becomes very slippery. Very.
  25. I am worth it. This. Everything. sucks for you if you thought I wasn’t…
September 29th, 2011
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This. You guys, this.

I am so happy.

Love Liz

September 29th, 2011
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White Shorts - $3
Blank Tank - $7
Wrap Sweater - $45
Burkenstocks - $120 (ugh!)
Dinner (nom! nom! nom!) within a 325AD palace - priceless.

September 28th, 2011
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writing. writing. writing…

wine, wine, wine…

September 28th, 2011
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Croatia! It looks just like the post cards too :)

September 27th, 2011
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It’s 4am in Croatia - can’t sleep. Which has pretty much been the theme of this trip. Not that I’m worried about that. Naps are plentiful and life isn’t stressful [[how much do you hate me right now? :) ]].  Tomorrow marks one week of being gone from home. I think about home a lot. The people. I really miss the people.

Berlin seems like a dream.  It went by so fast leaving me with a gorgeous marathon medal sitting on my bed side table. That, along with a minor beer bier hangover, and a collection of photos with some great friends is all the proof I have it happened. 

OH, and, I think I’ve lost weight too. I know, I know, perhaps better people in this world wouldn’t be thinking about their weight, given this trip that surrounds me, but I am - always am. No scale to confirm whether it’s true, and I’ve known to be completely wrong when I thought this before, but I do think I have (woot) - being too busy to eat will do that to you (stupid weight loss, still being all about not eating delicious, ass-enhancing foods).

Actually, so far on this trip my body and I have been a team. The other night, before a shower, I stared at my body in all its naked glory (tmi? deal) and something was different. I just saw it as me - I didn’t see the flaws I usually notice, I didn’t turn to the side and suck in, I didn’t envision another body for myself - I simply saw me; a marathon runner, a twenty six year old girl, a normal person, a person who wasn’t ugly, self critical, self analyzing. It was what it was, and I was okay with that (p.r.o.g.r.e.s.s. people. Pro-gress).

The boy in Croatia helps too (btw. for those who asked. he came with me. I didn’t meet him here). He’s so flattering. So kind. So into me… me(!). He won’t let me get away with my usual shennanigans either. Lights off. Eyes away. No touching of the stomach area thankyouverymuch.  He makes me feel beautiful. Last night, in Croatia, walking down Split’s waterfront, he seemed proud to be with me.  I’ve never felt that from anyone before… so yes, life is good.

I was going to do a post on where Little Blog was heading, y’know, now that I’m traveling until at least December and don’t have an iPhone glued to my hand, or a computer a stones throw away, but the truth is, I don’t know.  It’s harder to find time to write than I thought it would be, and the Internet is usually limited, but I love blogging, I love writing, so I’m going to try my best.

It’s now nearly 4:15, so I should sleep - going to try update more tomorrow, and share the longest, yet at the same time shortest, 5 hours and 10 minutes of my life. Now please excuse me as I dream-reminisce (shut it you, that’s a thing) about how I’ve run 3 full marathons, and am in Croatia, with a pretty boy to my side. 

Mad love,


September 27th, 2011
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Heading out to dinner on the Croatian coast - so gorgeous.

note one: I found a stow-away boy in my luggage

note two: lots of posts to come (berlin / marathon story / croatia / boy(?)

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