September 4th, 2011
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~ Notes from Sunday’s Run ~

  • Those most certainly are not my undies showing in that top, right photo.  I don’t know why, but I felt the need to clarify that.
  • It was a long run today, y’know, 36 kilometers long. Or, 22.5 miles <— there I go being all awesome again and doing the conversion for you crazy “mile” people. 
  • Bottom right photo? My blue gatorade powerade tongue. Things I learned on today’s run: I can’t tell the difference between powerade and gatorade.
  • AND-AND-AND, this is important —>Today I took my first gel (runner’s food - it’s like astronaut food - it’s gu (literally) - crammed with calories/sugar, to stop you from hitting “the wall” and help your body get the energy it needs) at the 2h 15min mark.  So essentially, for 2 hours and 15 minutes I ran on nothing, but water. BIG MISTAKE PEOPLE.  My ass and thigh muscles felt like they were clasping and were on fire (on fire!) - they were craving fuel.  At 20k, my muscles felt like I was at the 40k mark of a marathon. Twas rough. ((usually I take 1 gel/45min to 1 hour and don’t feel any muscle fatigue until about 30k))
  • This morning’s total run was 5hours and 5 minutes.  Slow. But sensible given my knee and the crazy-thick-ohmygod-why-God-why? humidty.
  • I nearly dropped out and took the subway home at the 27k mark.
  • For Toronto friends, it was a pretty, but long route - I ran all the way from Yonge/Wellington to the Old Mill ravine, and then south on Dundas, and all the way back to Parliament. That’s even a long drive!
  • 3 weeks today until the Berlin Marathon. OHMYGODIAMFREAKINGOUT
  • Guess who now gets to TAPER? Answer: This gal! What is this “taper” thing you speak of? <— you. Good question, You.  Well, it’s when you significantly back off the mileage leading up to your actual race, in an attempt to get your body to recover from all the long runs, rebuild its muscles, and to “crave” a big run.  Next week is 23k (13 miles) and then the following week is 16k (10 miles) and then it’s marathon time!!!!! ((Ed note: My body has never, and probably never will “crave” a long run, but whatevs, tapering is awesome!))
  • I’m not one to post about this stuff, but I had some crazy lady-style-cramps today.  Deal people. It’s part of life. It sucked though.
  • I missed a spot between my thighs when I slicked myself up with bodyguide (anti-chaffing-potion-made-in-heaven) and let. me. tell. you. Since the run I having been walking like a fat duck.  I’ll leave it at that.

Overall? Berlin’s marathon training has truly been incredible.  Hours (and hours) and miles (and miles) of sweat, blood, tears, and tapping-into-new-muscles have gone into this season, I’m determined not to let it all go to waste come marathon day… my body is ready, it’s now just my mind that needs to realize….

I. CAN. DO. THIS. ((because I can. I really, really can. Sub-5, here I come!!!))

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  1. sayhellotocindy said: Way to go! Rooting for a sub 5— I know you have it in you!
  2. runsforredvelvet said: I seriously need some of that body glide - I’ve recently been introduced to serious thigh-chub-rub-chaffing and let me tell you (not that I need to) it’s not pretty nor fun!
  3. ariavie said: Enjoy the taper! You earned it! :) I hear ya on the lady cramps. “Suck it up, Buttercup!” haha, that’s what I tell myself when I’m whining about them.
  4. one-twenty-five posted this
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