January 20th, 2014
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I just hung my first frame! First and foremost I want to thank my mother for encouraging me I actually could, and always believing that I did, indeed, have the skills to hang frames. Secondly the help of Command 3M hooks, I could never repay you for the effort you put in. And finally, the Leveling App on the iPhone, couldn’t have done it without your support - love you baby 😘❤️️. #feelingtooproud #liztaylor #homeimprovement

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  4. notovernight said: Just remember those hooks are only as strong as the paint
  5. gymnauseous said: oh dear. You used command hooks? You’re going to want to check the package. If it’s a hook, not the velcro, that sucker is coming off the wall in the middle of the night some time when you think your apartment is being broken into. Trust me.Velcro!
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