May 12th, 2010
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Firstly, let’s ignore the thunder thighs and monstrous calf and secondly, please holla at my $5 Old Navy shorts…

Which means thirdly, let me introduce you to my foam roller.  I had never even heard of foam rollers before my knee decided to screw me over.  It’s a long foam roll, which is really hard and long (that’s what she said, hehe).  I lie on my side and place my thigh on it, the good leg in front to keep me stable and then roll back and forth on it. Easy? False.

It’s so hard. And painful. It feels like I’m rolling on a really bad bruise.  I’m supposed to do 20 a day (most I’ve ever done is about 12) and when I feel pain or a knot, I’m supposed to stop on it for 30 seconds (also, very hard).

Check out this link. I do pose #1 and look like her, except more cellulite, less awesome.

I also do these stretches (#2, #3 and #4)

Any further tips/advice would be appreciated.  Hope this helps someone… apparently the one good thing about ITB Syndrome is it’s usually 100% curable. Yay!

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