May 2nd, 2010
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363 days ago I wrote this: This weekend I spent a good hour lounging in bed watching twelve thousand (I repeat: 12,000!) people run a 10k past my house. I felt lazy as hell to say the least. TWELVE THOUSAND PEOPLE (including my roommate) got their asses up to run, walk or bike 10 kilometers through Toronto. I did not.”

This morning I ran it. My time was 1:05:39.9, which I was really happy with as hello knee-pain-from-hell.   I’m still exhausted from my trip and plan on sleeping/lounging most of the day and icing my knee.

Happy Sunday!

Love E

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  1. graceinplace said: So proud of you for going out there and DOING the damn thing! Awesome!
  2. theroadtoslimcity said: hells yeah! Congrats!
  3. theasil said: Well done!
  4. one-twenty-five posted this
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