April 20th, 2011
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GPOYW: That-Awkward-Self-Timer-Photo

You know the one… the one where you set the camera up, balancing on a pile of books (or in this case, a lamp), run over, pick up a book, stare out the window, wait for the click, run back, make sure it’s o.k. it’s not. so you do it again, and again, and again.  

Finally you settle on your favourite, and you know that each time you post the photo, everyone must be imagining the whole process behind it. #awkward 

[you either relate to this post (high-five!) or don’t (who are you?! Oh.. I see… a “normal” person… eh? huh.)]

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  1. thoughtcollector reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    :D Relate!
  2. yesgrace said: This is at the QE isn’t it? Ps: Can totally relate and may even have an awkward-self-timer-photo in a room in that hotel too! Too lovely a background to pass up!
  3. kristinlosesit said: I can totally relate! Even just taking a pic of my haircut on my laptop took about 15 takes until I was satisfied. high five! :)
  4. 99pounds said: i love your view.
  5. uhoh-janellio said: hahaha! I do this also!!! This is a great shot!
  6. misskatdivine said: I totally do this!
  7. keshaswaldorf said: i like knowing i’m not the only person who does this. (gorgeous pictures, by the way.)
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