April 6th, 2011
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When I was a little girl I loved barbies (as all girls do) and would play with them for hours (and hours!). However, for whatever reason, my parents would never buy me the Ken barbies, and as all little girls know, playing house with lots of girl barbies simply just does not do (hello, Barbie needed dates!). 

So, this being quite the dilemma for my 6 year old self, I decided to take matters into my own hands. One night I snuck into the garage and went in search of my dad’s tool box to find two things: a hammer, and scissors.  Once located I went straight to work, first cutting off all of my “ugliest” Barbie’s hair, and then bashing in her two, very perky and very hard boobs.  I then dressed my new Ken in the manliest barbie clothes I had (flower pants), and took him on a date with one of my other barbies. 

I had my self-made Ken barbie right up until the end of my barbie playing days and loved him very, very much, never thinking there was anything wrong with him. When my friends would comment about him being different, I would whisper apologies to him that night, hoping he wasn’t offended, because to me, he was absolutely perfect. 

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  1. stateofactivity said: This is absolutely adorable.
  2. sayhellotocindy said: This made my day and it has only just started! <3
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  5. eatteachwodrepeat said: Haha. My parents never bought me Ken, either, but I wasn’t as creative.
  6. mrspipplepay reblogged this from cassandothertastrophes
  7. killertcell said: great. now you have me hooked. i’m EXPECTING THESE EVERY WEDS. ;) jk jk no e-pressure, E. haha
  8. kristensdaily reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    This is absolutely one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read, E. Not to mention, completely adorable.
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  10. hizook said: hahah that’s so cute! I used to keep mine under my bed, and when i once found ken on top of barbie, i was SO SHOCKED (bc they were making out, right? sex was not a concept back then) bc I thought they came alive when I was gone a la Toy Story
  11. melanietris said: LMAO! Too funny!
  12. swaybe said: I just made my barbies lesbians when I couldn’t find my Ken…
  13. theanticute said: This story made me laugh! Thanks, I absolutely needed that.
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