March 7th, 2011
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Foam Roller + IT Band Issues = I am not a doctor, but I swear it really (really!) helps.

Posting to help someone (anyone!) who may be going through my pain! 

[Please forgive my overall awkwardness and the part where I butcher the English language, it’s “hardnesses” - woops!]


I’m an idiot. I was so obsessed with making a short video (because videos suck to watch) that I left out crucial info

  • In Canada you can buy foam rollers at the Running Room, most gyms, or through physios (they’ll order them for you!)
  • Roll EACH leg… NOT just the painful one (i know this, because for 1 season, I only rolled my left leg, and surprise-surprise I now have IT on my right)
  • Roll from your knee to hip about 30 times, stopping on the knots/pain for about 30 seconds
  • Over time the pain goes away, and you will be able to easily/smoothly roll your leg
  • there are also lots of stretches you can do, to build the muscle around your hips (use google!)
  • blue/black bruises on your thighs are not only normal to get, but also very sexy
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  10. thighanxiety said: omg I was wondering what was causing the bruising on my legs!! haha but it does work!!
  11. thepudgy said: Thank you for posting this. I’m having major issues w/hip bursitis and IT band stuff and I FORGOT I used this back when I could afford PT. Just now ordered one of my own, thanks to you :)
  12. mariesante said: You’re so cute! That’s an helpful video, thanks!
  13. hrider said: Thank you so much! :)
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