March 3rd, 2011
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Last night I ventured to hill training with the beautiful and lovely Miss-(Soon-To-Be-Mrs.) Melissa, she was visiting Toronto for work (oh. em. gee! Internet Friendz) and as she’s training for the NYC 1/2, she insanely(?) chose to join me and my running group on hill training.

The hills were the easiest part. Last night’s run marks the coldest I have ever been in my entire life.


I lost the feeling in all ten of my fingers, my lips froze, and somehow the cold even managed to seep through my extra hibernation padding on my bum, as one cheek (of the rear variety) fully went numb (<- didn’t know that was possible). 

However, I was really pleased with myself as I didn’t walk(!!) on any of the 4 hills, this was huge for me! As last summer? Yea… last summer I had to walk at least once on all the hills.

In the interest of full disclosure, post cold-run-from-hell we each dined on a burger and fries. It was delicious, and salty, and meaty, and cheesy, and then combined with excellent company? Excellent end to a chilly night.


Sorry about the crappy photo. The girl who took it told me it was blurry, to which I responded through numb lips, ‘Too cold. Don’t care. Need, warmth, now.’

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  2. melissanat said: Aw, MC is my girl! I adore that you two know each other (never mind the running hills together, which is amazing).
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