March 1st, 2011
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I picked myself up a new foam roller tonight (my other one had gotten too soft). She’s little, and cute, and going to help me fight IT Band Pain from hell.

If you have no idea what this pink-foam-thingy ( I’m-showing-the-love-to, jealous?) is, consider yourself lucky, and if you don’t know what IT Band Pain is, consider yourself luckier.

I feel it brewing in my left knee, which means, once again, I’m rolling my thighs every night (oh the life of a marathoner…*).

Last summer I spent two months going to physio twice a week to help with the pain (I got it so badly, I could hardly walk), but at the end of the day… the *only* thing I found that helped was the foam roller! 

*see what I did there? I called myself a marathoner(!!)

[For reference and more info on my battle with IT Band Pain]

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  1. hrider said: I have the same pain in my left knee - I have a hard time with the foam roller though, any tips?
  2. nosauce said: also helps with my torn hamstring I am battling - I love and hate my foam roller every day!
  3. regainingmymoxy said: I was just musing about how I need to look into getting one of these…
  4. acdl-hig said: …aaaaand i’m going to buy a foam roller tomorrow…
  5. abettermeg said: Where’d you get yours at I’ve been looking to invest in one
  6. iambal reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    oh my god… THANK YOU! After reading this and two of your prior posts on ITBS I think I now know what is going on with my...
  7. stephintolife said: I finally looked up IT band pain… I think it’s exactly what is wrong with my knee/leg. Do you just roll your leg sideways on it?
  8. asliceofmybeing said: how can the roller relieve of the pain? what do you do with it? that’s why i don’t like running too much because sometimes i feel my knees squeaking.
  9. one-twenty-five posted this
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