March 1st, 2011
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Check it, yo!

This is “the goal” for March 2011, obviously this would be ridiculously cool to pull off… but chances are life will happen, and I’ll miss some of the runs (I’m looking at you Friday runs!).

March also means hill training starts, as in E’s-Worst-Nightmare begins, should be fun suck, and thus be good for me (and my ass!)


Here some loose definitions for those who asked (these are in my words, so please correct/add me if I’m wrong),

Tempo Runs: Going at about 80% of your all, slower than ‘speed runs,’ but faster than ‘steady runs’

Steady Runs: My normal pace, non-stop. That’s right folks, NO stopping, I actually find these the hardest.

Hill Runs: These are my non-mortal enemy. I run up a big hill (it’s 600 meters), then jog down, and then repeat. Each week I add another rep. I time myself and thus the goal is to have each hill’s time within 5 seconds of each other (aka your first hill can’t be speedy, and your last slow - this is really hard to do).

Speed Runs: These nasty runs start in May, and they work like hill training.  I have a set distance and then the reps increase each week.  I sprint one way, walk back, and then wash, rinse, repeat, die. I also try to maintain a consistent time on each rep here.  

 Race Runs: RUN LIKE HELL!!

Long Runs: This is where my oh-so-very-Canadian-training comes in handy, I run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 10, walk 1, and so on. Trust me, that 1 minute of walking is not failing, and feels like 20 seconds, but this method allows me to actually get the distance covered.


Gym: Spinning or Body-Pump or a session The Trainer


For those who requested my super-awesome excel spreadsheet email me!, and I’ll send it your way!


Want more super-cool running info?

So, You Wanna Be A Runner?
So, You Wanna Run A Race?


ps this post makes me feel SUPER HARDCORE, like whoa, look at me being all super-hardcore. And on that note, I’m off to run a tempo 6k :)

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  3. kireinatatemono said: well, I run and I think this is pretty hardcore! I’ll write you about the sheet.
  4. easybeinggreene said: I think you may have a mistake…. 29k isn’t 10 mi.
  5. thekeevster said: what’s the next rave you’re traning for?
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