October 21st, 2009
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i believe i can fly

The weird thing? with all my heart I truly believe I will get to my goal weight and be the person I want to be. With all my heart; one day.

However, as I look down at my belly as I type this, I’m reminded of the huge amount of effort, work, and will power I’ll need to get from here (can’t see my feet when I step on the scale) to there (being comfortable in my own skin).

It’s a moment’s decision.  A moment I can’t seem to find.  You read and hear of all these success stories; of people fighting the battle and winning, of people going from fat to fit.  What did they have that I don’t? Will I ever be one?

All signs are pointing to no. My heart is pointing to yes.

Tomorrow is today, it’s now or never; I’m signing up for a full marathon September 2010.  It wasn’t a faint decision, I’ve thought about it more than you’ll know.  I also spent the day emailing personal trainers and gyms as I’ve decided there’s no shame in asking for help. I need help.

I can do this. I will do this. Just watch me.

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