March 21st, 2012
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Operation Sexy-Sexy-Hair-Commercial Hair

Being overweight nearly my entire life I found other ways, besides clothes/ma-bod, to make myself feel good about myself; other ways to give me confidence, feel bad-ass, make me walk the walk of a boss.  My hair always fell at the top of that list.

I’ve always put effort and time into my hair, because y’know, if my hair was just curled or placed in the perfect position, nobody would notice I was fat. Am I Right? OR AM I RIGHT?! Anywho, yes, my hair has always been very important to me.

Well. Well as you may or may not have noticed my hair has recently really lost its soul, shine, bod-ay and va-va-voom, not to mention how nearly every single strand has a split end. Ugh. Cue Operation: Shiny Hair!

I am sick and tired of washing and styling my hair only to have it be stiff, non-shiny, straw-like and dare I say it? brittle.


My Notes: Brittle, dry and coarse looking. No desire to run fingers through my hair here. It would not make the cut for a hair commercial. It’s also too long for comfort, or as my sister would say ‘witchy.’


My Notes: It’s shiny, and smooth, and looks like it would flow nicely in the wind. Plus, a certain boy could run his fingers through it no problem. It looks healthy and hearty and ready for a commercial!


  • Without a doubt it’s because for the last 6+ months I’ve been using a travel blow dryer and hair straightener. The voltage in Canada is 110, the voltage everywhere else is 230, which meant I couldn’t bring my beloved, very expensive, but worth it, blow dryer and straightener with me.  I had to buy cheap, sucked-the-life-out-my-hair tools. LAME.
  • When I was rich and famous had a regular pay check I would always buy Brilliant Brunette shampoo/conditioner - which I swear by, but now I buy super-cheap-whatever-is-on-sale shampoos and conditioners.
  • I’ve also been too cheap to get a proper hair cut.


To get smooth, silky, glossy hair. Hair I can dance around in the wind with and pretend I’m on a Pantene commercial with.

And? all on a budget!


  1. Get a hair cut - my split ends are breaking records over here. I’ve signed up for Groupon Australia to see if any hair deals come up, and will be keeping an eye out for $15 hair cuts
  2. Buy a real Australian Blow Dryer (I’m coming for you eBay)
  3. Buy a real Australian Straightener (I’m coming for you eBay. Again)
  4. Do cheap, online, can-buy-ingredients-at-the-supermarket hair masks. Avocado oil |Mayonnaise | eggs etc.
  5. Buy a decent shampoo/conditioner (I’m thinking of finding a hair salon outlet).
  6. Buy a swimming cap to protect it from chlorine (Swimmers!! Thank you for your comments!!!)
  7. Avoid brushing hair while wet (although this will be hard as my hair gets so tangled)
  8. Avoid putting hair on top of head in towel when wet. 


I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress…. I’m thinking I’ll slap a 3 month deadline on this goal.

Any other tips for me? How do you keep your hair glow-a-lowing? Smooth? Sexy?

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  1. dodorunrun said: Dryer air, age, frequency in washing. It adds up. If you wash every day stop, you shouldn’t wash more than every other day, less if possible. It makes a HUGE difference. And use a natural bristle brush.
  2. gninwordon said: It’s totally the water, same thing happened to me when I moved to Melbs. Also, my skin used to get super-itchy after showers there and the only thing that worked was Nivea q10 lotion.
  3. hershapeinthedoorway said: Also when you swim, always wet all your hair first, and put conditioner in, leave it in, and then put your cap on… your hair will be protected while you swim!!! works wonders. In high school stylists couldn’t even tell I was a swimmer-HEALTHY hair.
  4. rhan90 said: Never brush wet hair, use wide-toothed plastic comb :) Also can get cheap (under $10) Pantene 3 minute miracle mask from supermarket, make sure you buy the pot and not the little tubes (better value).
  5. lemandy said: I’ve recently had the same problem. I started using shea butter shampoo and conditioner and cut down on heat styling to 1-2 times a week! I’m really starting to see a difference!
  6. hizook said: I haven’t actually tried these, but (I think?) you’re an LC fan:… &…
  7. hypertortoise said: Is Aussie water especially hard? It is in London and my hair did the same after moving here
  8. lamaisonfit said: Try Morrocan Oil shampoo & coditioner & deep treatment WEEKLY. Thats what I do and Ive regained the shininess to my hair.
  9. madsmakher said: USE BIOTIN!!!
  10. 808enidan said: Try coconut oil - you can buy it in bulk - as a leave in mask for lots of moisture and shine. Split ends getting trimmed for sure, and of course, the tools. Letting your hair air-dry will help too.
  11. especiallybrittany said: Find a shampoo and condition sans sulfates! Sulfates dry out your hair! Also do you use a heat protection spray!? Try “it’s a 10” does ten amazing things! I swear by it and I work in a cosmetic store. Its my Number one recommendation
  12. puzzling-kirsten said: Now I have to search at home hair masks. I’ve never done anything like that and I’ve always had tangly, dry hair. I don’t even use heat tools on it anymore… Ugh. Thanks for posting Liz!
  13. joanbayonne said: Before you go swimming put conditioner on your hair. It will protect your hair from sucking up the chlorine. It also helps with putting your swim cap on easier.
  14. glitterygapske said: regular haircuts condition! air dry in a braid use detangler
  15. kissthemoongoodnight reblogged this from one-twenty-five
  16. bearingwitnesstolife said: Hey Liz, I know that joining the Arbonne team wasn’t up your alley, but we have amazing hair products. I would like to send you samples of the shampoo/conditioner & kick ass hair mask. You won’t regret it. Let me know if you’re interested.
  17. trimamatri said: When swimming - soak hair in shower, then coat w/ an inexpensive conditioner before putting cap on. This helps SO much! Getting it wet keeps it from wanting to absorb the chlorinated water & the conditioner is extra protection layer. I swim 3-4 x wk
  18. talesfromthecrypt said: Moroccan oil, or biotin! Get it in the vitamin section of the store, it’s like $5 a bottle. Try to find one with vitamin e, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.
  19. sayhellotocindy said: YOU HAVE THE BEST HAIR EVER!!!!!! Good luck getting it back to the way you want it. :)
  20. zoewscott said: Get yourself to the closest LUSH store and try some haircare samples.
  21. seedsnsmiles said: I swear by coconut oil!
  22. vegetablecupcakes said: Oh this an amazeballs post. First though, I wish my bad hair day was your bad hair day. My hair is a bazillion times worse. I used to use the mayo home remedy though it barely did anything :/ towel drying is a big one & have a heat free day once a wk
  23. lizlivinglife said: I read coconut oil is a great home remedy! Go on pinterest and look it up :)
  24. randidoeslife reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    Totally feel the same way about my hair. I can remember getting upset when I would sweat and my hair would start to...
  25. makingitupeachday said: so shampoos are mostly the same stuff - but yes get a good conditioner :)
  26. the-shape-im-in said: I don’t know if they have l’oreal down there but I use a hair deep conditioning mask that you use in the shower it quick easy and works (and cheap) I love it.
  27. run-fearless said: my go to at home hair remedy is coconut oil….but a teaspoon in damp hair for an hour then rinse it out! Plus you can cook with coconut oil and it’s super healthy :D
  28. chelsea145145 said: coconut oil
  29. lofosho said: Biosilk or Moroccan oil, both of which you can get on Amazon. A little bit goes a long way and they work great!
  30. searchingperfection said: Prenatal vitamins & biotin. Sounds weird, works uhhmazing.
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