January 22nd, 2012
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My Weight Update (Dum. Dum. Duuuuummmm.)


Finally I’m ready to chat about IT. IT of course being the little thing I’ve managed to not talk about since, oh, I don’t know, September?? The IT that has made my dresses not zip up, my pants’ buttons pop, and me walk around in the freezing winter with a jacket unzipped (as I’m too tubs now to zip it up #sadtruestory): my weight.

So let’s cut right to the dirty-dirty chase shall we? Oh, what’s that? You’re too lazy to read numbers? Well what my babies want, my babies get.

The Summary, in-case you’re blind as a bat.

Pre trip Big-Trip weight (Sept 22, 2011): 153
Weight in London (Oct 5, 2011): 154.8
Post Everest weight (Oct 30, 2011): 148
First day home weight (Dec 19, 2011): 167
Post christmas weight (Dec 26, 2011): 168
Post NYC/Boston Trip (Jan 14, 2011): 173(!)
Today’s Weight (Jan 22, 2012:

So… (insert shifty eyes here) just to confirm the damage:

Start Weight (Jan 2009):  203
Lowest Weight Ever (Oct 30, 2011):  148
Most Ever Lost: 55
Now (Jan 22, 2012):  168
Total Lost: 36
Goal Weight: 125 (duh)
Still need to lose: 43

So, What are my thoughts on this?

It sucks - I’d be lying if I said otherwise. And I’m pretty sure any person on this Earth who’s battling their weight will agree, it’s not pleasant regaining weight you’ve already lost. Not pleasant at all. Especially when you’re a mere 23 pounds away from your goal weight and have quite the public (say wha!?) blog about it.

Today I’m 43 pounds away from 125.

That being said, it is what it is.  I did this to myself, nobody else put that food in my mouth, so no point in crying about it (I’m looking at you High-School-Liz), so I may as well move on by accepting the facts, hitting the pavement and watching what I eat.

However, it does put things into perspective

Oh what I would give to be 148 pounds again, le sigh. You guys, I was SO SKINNY (for me) then, like whoa. But here’s the kicker —> I THOUGHT I WAS FAT THEN. I think because I lost my weight so slowly since 2009 I was never able to actually realize how far I had come, gaining 25 pounds back? Ya, that’ll put things into perspective for you.

I swoon over photos of myself from last summer. Girl, you looked gooood. But really, all I remember feeling was, "I am such a fatty."

Brain, why must you mess with my mind sooooo?

{ps. I’m sure 203 pound Liz would swoon over my body right now, despite me feeling so, so, so fat these days}

But, You’re Not Fat?

Oh, you’re too kind (if you thought that, otherwise go to hell… KIDDING, but not really). And thank you for those who have said it! But look you, my good looking Internet friend, I may have been gifted with weight issues by the devil, but luckily God blessed me with carrying my weight well, and knowing how to dress for my body (Dear Black Jeans, mama loves you. Love Liz’s Ass). Trust me, I gained 25 pounds on my trip…

And those 25 pounds you better believe are sitting on my ass, my stomach, and neck, making me feel soooo gross, so yes, although I may not be ‘fat,’ per se, for me, for my body, I am not in my prime.

And I want to have the best body I can for my 27th year on the Earth, and this one, the one I type these words from? aint it.

I Have a Right to Lose Weight.

It’s true, I do. As does the person who is 300+ pounds, or the girl who put on 3 pounds over the Christmas season and is now trying to get back to 120 for her 5’2 frame. 

Everybody has a right to create themselves the best body they can possibly have.

I’ll leave it at that, because ya… sometimes this annoys me, you guys… I have a right to lose weight, especially as I am Doctor (yes, it’s true, I went) stamped “Overweight.”

Going forward?

So there that all this. Out in the open for whoever to see. Let’s file this post under #BOLD #OHNOSHEDIDNT #HEREWEGOAGAIN #PANTSARESOOOOOTIGHT shall we? Because despite me thinking quotes are crap, I do believe I will have “only failed when I truly give up,” which will probably be never, because I have this dream of looking like Heidi Klum and running fast marathons. This means going forward for 2012? Three full marathons. Counting Calories.


Oh hush you, I soooo *am* wise. Why? How? How-come? You ask? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a goal without a deadline is not a goal, but a dream (see? wise.).

Which means, as per my LoseIt App, ready for this? If I lose 1.5 pounds a week I should hit 125 pounds on August 4th, 2012, but as we all know cheese will rudely jump into my mouth when I’m innocently standing in the kitchen, so I’m giving myself until August 15th, 2012 to reach my goal (cough 125 cough). Which (thankyouvermuch) I’ve already added the reminder “ARE YOU SKINNY AND FAST YET? to my iPhone calender. And boom! That is how it’s done. 


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  1. runsforredvelvet said: I’ve TOTALLY been there and when I was 155 I thought I was fat, when I was 168 I thought I was huge and now looking back (currently weighing in at 206 down from 225.6) I can’t believe how skinny I looked in those pics! UGH!! WE will get back there!!
  2. losingwins said: Get it Girl!
  3. greatescapes22 said: You wrote August 15, 2011, not 2012. :)
  4. zoewscott said: i’m 5ft4 also and it seems like we’re proportioned pretty similarly. my lowest weight: 146. current weight: anywhere from 155-162. down from 210 (give or take). when i hit the 148-152 lb mark i lose all self control and gain back a good 5-15 lbs.
  5. sayhellotocindy said: Continuing to root for you!!! The eating and drinking part is the hardest thing for me so if that is where you are struggling, I SO understand. xo
  6. gracefulalice said: you are such a beautiful person, I loved meeting you. You were everything I thought you would be and I am so sad my work stuff kept me busy that week. That being said, maybe you don’t need to change, maybe your relationship to food needs to change.
  7. sandrashrinks said: Girl, this happens to everyone; I used to be 148 and I was back at the 165 mark after a trip to Europe (damn those dumplings and amazing Czech beer!) You have to LOVE that you chose to travel and explore… because it’s worth it to those who wander:)
  8. bikinisummer said: You’ll totally do it! I love how open you are with us <3
  9. tallmormon said: I just fell madly in love with this post.
  10. emilyjanedoeslife said: I love reading your post! You can do this! I want to lose 40 lbs, too! Oh, how is the online dating going? I had a POF date yesterday. No love connection:-(
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