August 7th, 2009
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Smile Friday Things that are simply awesome because they just are edition

  • It’s Friday!!
  • I feel like I’ve lost weight.  Stupid scale gods don’t reflect this, but I swear I have…
  • I love my friends and am so happy each of them is in my life. Cue ‘ahhhh’ from audience.
  • It’s my roommate’s 24th birthday tomorrow.  I am picking up her gift (mani and pedi package) tonight and bonus! I got one for myself too.  We’re also going to see Blink 182 tomorrow night… not sure how I feel about this… but it’s her birthday, so obvy I am going and obvy I’ll be the coolest, and by ‘coolest’ I mean ‘oldest’ person there.
  • I’m getting new running shoes tonight.  I know I’ve said this for a while now, but my toes going numb has become unbearable and I fear I felt a slight pain in my shins, which knock-on-wood is not the beginning signs of shin splints
  • Remember the other day how I said I had some fabulous news, which only concerned me, myself and I? Well I got a raise y’all! Hence the new iPod purchase… and most likely a new heels purchase this weekend.
  • So the votes are in and it looks like purple is the winner! Although really, any colour would be awesome.  Purple it is folks! I’m getting my name engraved on the back with ‘One Twenty Five’ underneath. Lame or cool? Probably lame, but I figured when I was running it may help? Yes, No, Maybe? Probably not, but that’s just how I roll.
  • Work is SO BUSY these days, which is bad, BUT the times flies by which is good!
  • I really think I can actually do this running thing.  I’m pretty nervous, excited and shocked.
  • My large ass gets to grace a horse’s back tomorrow morning.  One of my favourite things to do in this world.
  • It looks like all sun and no rain this weekend! Woot Woot.

Happy Friday Friends!

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