November 11th, 2010
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Sometimes, when I walk by convenience stores, or bakeries, or stores with delicious food in them, I honestly wonder how everyone in this world is not fat.

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    I don’t understand WHY people even make these terrible foods to begin with. Did someone seriously say “Hey, I think I’m...
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  4. jodilyn said: I have been thinking this SO OFTEN. I look at cake and gain weight. How can some people eat so much and not gain an ounce??
  5. collegewl said: it’s crazy when you work behind the counter and see all the junk food that people buy…
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  7. nosauce said: me too with coldstones, baskin robbins, maggie moo’s…..
  8. swaybe said: I have this friend who’s just not into food. Like, she’ll eat half a cookie and save the rest. She doesn’t like candy. She can eat a chip and stop. It boggles my mind.
  9. ivealwaysbeenthirsty said: ahh thats so true!!!
  10. rosalune said: Me too
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