December 21st, 2011
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My surprise homecoming for my mom (on her birthday!) and dad, for Christmas!!

This is definitely under one of my top 3 moments in life - needless to say, they were very (very!!!) shocked as they thought they weren’t seeing me for another year. :)

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  1. videosofenterest reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    Here’s a feel good moment with some parent-child love—one of my favorite things. Also, this girl is just too cute. I...
  2. stephaniebecomesstrong said: I absolutely loved this.
  3. upforsomethingbeautiful said: this made me tear up a little. So beautiful!
  4. grabtheshovelharold said: I’m crying like a baby. I’m so happy for you and your parents. :)
  5. emileelindner said: awww it made me cry too!
  6. tallmormon said: family is the best!
  7. stephintolife said: god this made my cry… it makes me remember my parents after me being gone for 7 months
  8. runsforredvelvet said: Awwww apparently she doesn’t read your blog and didn’t see that you were coming! I had a similar experience when I surprised my Mom for Christmas last year - she went through all the emotions as well. It was cute! :) So happy you’re home safely!!
  9. meliss-ann said: This is so sweet :):))
  10. musteringupthesanity reblogged this from one-twenty-five and added:
    SO cute.
  11. kimberleycommonname said: oh my god I teared up when I saw your mum crying! have a great Christmas!
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