November 14th, 2011
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losing faith in humanity folks. seriously. sex sex sex. that’s what the world revolves around. well. at least bangkok does. the old men. the young girls. the really old men with the really young girls. it was so gross. they’re everywhere here. paid for. all of it. the touching. the flirting. the laughing. i had heard bangkok was bad for this, but am still stunned at how it’s at every cafe, every bar, every market. old, dirty men. with young, young girls.


then. because i’m stupid, i went to a sex show. when in rome, right? eight girls on stage. eight naked bodies. truth: i’ve been to many-a strip clubs in my time. including shows in amsterdam and paris. but this one? in bangkok? the worst. the dirtyness of it all. the tricks. the rainbow. the smoking. the writing. the bananas. and the ping pongs. oh the ping pongs. i had to send god a little pray not to get hit by one. 

and then i was done. i wanted out. so did my friends. so we got up to leave… but they wanted money from us. lots of money. despite being told it was only 400 baht ($3.20) each. they now wanted equivalent of 142 US each. no. then suddenly the strippers were surrounding the four of us. yelling at us in thai. and pushing us. i got pretty scared. but we stood our ground. then they started calling other people. their men. they were angry. so angry. and let’s just say the strippers, umm, weren’t exactly small girls…

but then my friend pete, who is a cop in australia and 6’4 was the hero of the night. he pushed through the girls, i followed, and we ran. fast. down the stairs. through the market. and into a cab. my heart pounding. i was too scared to look behind us incase the strippers were following. 

bed now (finally - long day). early flight tomorrow to the thailand jungle. 

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  1. runsforredvelvet said: WOW! Yikes!! So glad you got out alright - that sounds terrible!!! Crazy that they actually expected that much money! And so so gross!!
  2. stephintolife said: oh the stories you’ll have to tell…
  3. emilymcmanus said: enjoy chiang mai!!! (i’m assuming that’s where you’re off to, and it’s my favorite place in thailand!)
  4. addicted-to-that-high said: I lost my faith in this sex filled world long ago. I started hating on men long ago. Everyday it’s a struggle you have to look so hard for the positive stories to try to restore your faith a little bit. Otherwise the world will make you sick.
  5. emilydoesscience said: that is a terrifying stripper story!
  6. seeamandarun said: lol!
  7. optionsoflife said: Haha, you are going through culture shock~
  8. tallmormon said: I never want to go to Bangkok now…. Oh my gosh Large Strippers kicking my ass is my worst nightmare!
  9. fitslimhealthyhappy said: Wow, that sounds terrifying. So sorry you had to go through this! My curiosity would likely land me in that same situation whenever I finally visit, so I’m glad I read this! Now I’ll take that curiosity elsewhere…like a museum or some shit. :-/
  10. despetitesvictoires said: Glad you’re okay and have good company.
  11. livinglights said: Oh man the ping pong shows… We had the same experience when we went to Thailand. If it ever happens again, just threaten to call the cops & they’ll back off. Also, in Bangkok Calypso is the best experience we had - beautiful & classy drag show!
  12. whatyouthandbeauty said: That sounds absolutely horrible.
  13. one-twenty-five posted this
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