November 5th, 2011
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Base Camp, Mt. Everest Video. 

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  1. losingwins said: what camera are you using? it’s super profesh!
  2. runsforredvelvet said: Thanks SO much for making this for us! Feels like we are with you! So cool. Love seeing your face! So So SO proud of you for taking this once in a lifetime trip!! You are making amazing memories that will last forever! So jealous!! :)
  3. restlessruminations said: Great video!! I am SO curious to know what video camera you are using. The quality is great.
  4. putiputo said: so jealous
  5. howtomakelovestay said: Pearl said “WOAH!” I think its safe to say she’s almost as jealous as I am. :)
  6. lizlivinglife said: Amazing!
  7. seanmonsoon said: so dope. very nice liz
  8. tallmormon said: You lived my dream! Amazing!
  9. activeinpink said: so beautiful! I would love to do that one day! Thank you for posting this and inspiring so many!
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