September 30th, 2010
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Montreal Was…

  • Pretty
  • The old mixed with the new (see photo)
  • A work trip combined with a pleasure trip
  • A queen size bed, with massive, fluffy white comforters and pillows all to myself
  • No television: just lots of reading
  • No money spending (for reals).
  • The best starbucks latte I’ve ever got. Ever.
  • Beautiful views
  • A 12k Run.
  • Fall colours
  • Pastry delights
  • Tons of walking
  • A test to see if I was o.k traveling by myself (passed) 
  • A break from life
  • Window shopping
  • Walking in the rain
  • A toothbrush falling in the toilet (I literally just stared at it for 30 seconds puzzled as to what my next move would be)
  • Bagel breakfasts
  • Top 10 lists (a thing from the course)
  • Candy (tisk, tisk)
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • Watching old people get REALLY drunk
  • Smoke meat sandwich ( and poutine
  • Standing in front of the CL store for an embarrassing amount of time. 
  • Photos

I’ll just add: It was a short, but sweet trip, that I felt I really needed.  However, I was really disappointed with myself because I had the mindset, “I’m on holiday, thus calories don’t count.”  And obviously, once I returned home and weighed myself I was shocked and appalled at what I had done to my body, especially as it’s Marathon crunch time.  *Shaking head*  I was really disappointed in myself.

I’m going to post photos now. I apologize in advance for flooding your dashboards.

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  1. victorbravo13 said: it sounds like it was a fabulous trip. Notch up the eating to inexperience, and don’t knock yourself out over it - learn. x
  2. heykaylahay said: POUTINE MMM :D
  3. one-twenty-five posted this
Welcome! I'm Liz, the girl relieved the Internet has 0 calories. South African by birth; Canadian on paper. A marathoner. CrossFitter. Paleo (somewhat) eater. Traveler. Cheese lover. And I think you're great!

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