September 25th, 2011
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it’s times like this, i wish i didn’t have a blog.

Online is wrong.

A fast guy in my running group and I accidentally switched expo bags.

I didn’t make my goal.

I don’t know what it is yet.

But it’s not sub 5.

My guess is 5:08ish.

My soul hurts more than my body.

And my face is stained with tears.

Emotional day.

That’s all for now.

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  1. seerachelrun said: But you traveled. And you ran. And you took this chance! All cheesy, but all true. You should you be happy and proud that you actually did something this huge :)
  2. emilydoesscience said: you ran ANOTHER marathon in frickin GERMANY. you’re pretty awesome in my book :)
  3. emphasisadded said: hey! You ran a Marathon…you are a Marathon Runner. Don’t you for one second forget that THAT is the accomplishment. I am so impressed.
  4. sonjaruns said: Oh no :( BUT: Celebrate no matter what - you did something great today!
  5. sayhellotocindy said: You did an amazing job! So proud of you!
  6. ms-saucy said: you RAN a MARATHON, doll!!! there is no losing in that statement, only 100% winning!!!! you finished, and YOU ROCK!!! enjoy your sucess, don’t pick it apart with all the “coulda woulda shoulda’s”. We are all SO proud of you!!! :)
  7. garethgettinghealthy said: wow!! Handled that well. :) I followed you on the screen and thought you were doing super duper well!! (3:46) Pity about the 5:10 - but a MARATHON FINISHED is WAAYYYYY better than I could ever imagine! Well well done!
  8. dawndoes said: You ran and finished a marathon! I’ll bet you learned some things on the way too. :) sometimes our inner competitor needs to enjoy the good things :)
  9. learnbygoing said: whatever time, you did an amazing thing!! so proud of you, E!! :)
  10. breathelively said: Girrrrrrl, you’ve trained your butt off AND completed the marathon on top of planning/packing/worrying about your traveling and future living situation. That’s winning in my book!! :)
  11. beckles said: You’re in BERLIN. You just finished a MARATHON. You have done so much already in less than a week than you realize. Please don’t be discouraged - you’re inspiring us 100x more than you know each day.
  12. formerlyafigureskater said: Be PROUD of what you did, give yourself some damn credit! You did something which many people can not. Please feel better :)
  13. stephintolife said: I would take a 5:08. You finished a marathon dude(tte)!
  14. auttace said: I hope they’re tears of pride, because damn you just finished a marathon
  15. rocks-for-jocks2 said: you ran a MARATHON! you’re amazing!
  16. socaliente said: But…you FINISHED a MARATHON! A Marathon!!! That’s so so so so so SO admirable in my eyes, I wouldn’t care if it took you 10:00 (since it would definitely take me longer). Two pats on the back, E <3<3
  17. thislittlecageofmine said: But you ran a MARATHON this morning? You know what I did this morning? Laid in bed and watched youtube clips. I think we all know who the winner is.
  18. sofiashealthyadventure said: It’s already awesome you just ran a marathon! In freaking Berlin! You’re amazing and an inspiration, it doesn’t matter how fast you went, what matters is that you finished it. You’re a marathonist now!!
  19. engineering-fitness said: but you just ran a marathon. In berlin. 26.2 miles. be happy with what you did do, fix what you didn’t next time.
  20. makinghealthyhappen said: You’re still an inspiration to me.
  21. relovingit said: 5:08ish sounds pretty amazing to me!
  22. okwhatnow said: I’m sorry you didn’t hit your goal, E, but you are still one of the most amazing and inspirational people that I know. You are in Berlin, you ran the Berlin marathon, you are awesome :) <3
  23. l-platerunner said: you did amazingly! well done! :)
  24. easybeinggreene said: You are awesome.
  25. iphonebooth said: *hugs*
  26. hurricane-rising said: WOMAN! YOU JUST RAN A MARATHON! IN BERLIN! You still have hero status in my book, for what it’s worth. <3
  27. zaragetssmaller said: Aw Liz :( *hug*
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