September 21st, 2011
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~ The Pack ~

It’s done! HUGE high five and fist pumps all around, because this has been a long process, and a lot of work, but tonight, finally, it’s done-diddly-done!!!. 

Here’s EVERYTHING. Aka, my life for the next few months.

Terrifying, no? Those square things are compartments (click here for the link to them) that I luckily scored to help organize The Pack.  They insert beautifully into it, so I don’t have to yank out my Everest hiking stuff, or running stuff, when I’m simply looking for my bathing suit.

Anywho, let’s break it down, shall we?

Nepal/Everest Gear

Hiking Boots
Hiking Pants (shorts/pants convertible)
3 long sleeve tops
Long underwear
Sleeping bag liner
[note: I am buying a jacket/gloves/sleeping in Nepal and sweaters/layers/waterproof jacket are in other compartments]
[2nd note: this stuff is being sent to London first, I am picking it up after Croatia, but before Nepal]

Dresses and Sweaters

4 Dresses
1 thick sweater (wearing on plane)
1 medium sweater
2 light cardigans
1 Waterproof jacket

Running Stuff and Delicates

See this post for running stuff (note: I am taking this on the plane with me in-case my luggage gets lost)
2 bras (including the one I’ll wear on the plane)
2 bathing suits (fine! 3 including that bikini thing, but it will probs never see light)
4 pairs of socks

Washroom Love / Medication

Contacts ((word from the wise: if you wear contacts, and you’re going on a trip, do NOT use dailys. I overlooked this detail and have to take 200+ contacts with me. UGH))
Tampons/pads/lady things
Body wash
Q tips
Travel tide
Birth control
Insect stuff
Stomach stuff
Altitude medication (prescribed)
Altitude puffer (prescribed)
Bad Stomach meds (prescribed)
Malaria pills ((prescribed)
Sleeping pills
Ear plugs
Travel dryer
Face clothes
Hair brush
Quick drying compact towel


Hiking boots
Running shoes
Flip flops


Sony SLR Camera
Spare battery for SLR
Lens cleaner
Panasonic water/shock/freeze proof camera
Camera chargers (2)
Plug converter
Ear phones
Extra laptop storage
Garmin connector
iPod / charger

Odds n’ Ends

Hair ties / clips
Flash light
Sewing kit
Money pouch
waterproof back back cover
Nail clippers
Makeup: eyeshadow / eye liner / mascara
Laundry bag (not pictured)

Important Documents

Binder of awesome (confirmations: marathon/flights/lists/resos/insurance #s etc)
Credit card - Main
Credit card - not activated
Debit card - for travel, which feeds through the visa system
Vaccination card
Extra passport photos
US / CND / EU cash


55 litre back pack
Small carry on pack (only with me till pit-stop in London)
Leather bag - main purse

Did I miss anything?!? Eeeeek soooo scary, yet so exciting!! And, thank you so much for all your kind comments on my I-AM-FREAKING-OUT-POST, I read them all today and they def helped.

20 hours till plane time…

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  1. toughlovelife said: Good luck girl! :) I hope they accept Euros in Croatia, since they don’t have them there and hopefully they won’t rip you off. Have fun!
  2. sayhellotocindy said: Insane! Awesome organizational skill (or skillz as you young’uns would say these days)
  3. whirlygigbrain said: What an adventure! Enjoy it and best of luck in your travels.
  4. relovingit said: This is absolutely incredible.
  5. countdowntooz said: You will need some sterling for the UK cos we are not down with the Euro. I’m sure Rob can help you out though if you need anything urgently on the way back from Croatia. Have a good flight to Berlin and make sure Rob doesn’t do anything silly ;)
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