August 26th, 2010
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Did I ever tell you the story about…

If I had to give a definitive answer, I’d say I do believe things happen for a reason. Whether it’s true, or not? I have no idea, but there’s no harm in believing… thus I believe.

As you know, I thought long and hard about whether I should run a marathon; it wasn’t a light decision, but once it was made? it was made.

I went to the Running Room (a running store) on my lunch break and bought two running books, and spent hours googling marathon-training-schedules, and reading marathon success stories.

I whipped up a beautiful excel, marathon spreadsheet which was to begin 4 months before Oct 10, 2010. I was nervous, I was excited.

Tuesday, June 1st quickly approached, which was Day 1 (omigod!!) of ‘marathon training.’  As I laced up and headed out for my first official training run, I envisioned the strength of my stride, my even breathing, my painless knee. And then BOOM! nothing on that run went as planned.

I couldn’t run for 10 minutes without stopping because of my knee pain or because of my breathing.  I had done 3k, of my intended 6k, when I stopped and called it quits.  I turned North (to take a short cut home) and walked up to an interesction with a red light.

As I was waiting (and feeling super un-motivated/lazy/what-is-wrong-with-me?) a group of runners came and waited at that same red light with me.

Guy: Hey! Are you in our group?
Me: Umm no… what group?
Guy: We’re a Marathon group!
Me: Oh! I’m also training for a marathon! This is my first run on my schedule.
Guy: This is our group’s 1st run!
*Light changes and they, thus I, begin to run*
Guy: What marathon are you planning on doing?
Me: Chicago!
Guy: Wow! Us too! You should join our group…

And so I did.

Being lazy, on that fateful day, and meeting that group on the south, east intersection of Bathurst and Lakeshore absolutely changed my life.  I really think had I tried to do this alone, I would have failed rather early.

Opportunity came a knocking on that day, and I am so, so thankful I answered.

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  1. livinglights said: It’s nice when life works out like that sometimes. I’m definitely of the same camp - everything happens for a reason!
  2. smaller-n-smaller said: mysterious ways :-)
  3. emphasisadded said: This is a great story. Thank you for sharing.
  4. relovingit said: Love this.
  5. one-twenty-five posted this
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