November 26th, 2009
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I woke up this morning with a sick feeling in my stomach; something was off, but, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember why.  Literally, I lay there and thought really hard about everything, but still couldn’t remember what happened. Finally, it hit me, oh righhhhtttt, I got stood up last night.

Well folks, shit happens. 

I lived, and my God, I learnt. That Boy is done like dinner, I am so over it, I am so over him.  I rolled out of bed and curled my hair, slipped on (because fuck yes, it’s slightly big on me) my black, high waisted skirt, and new, high Tory Burch heels, I put effort into my make up and wore my favourite earrings.  I’m not going to lie and say I’m not still upset/annoyed/frustrated, but I made the executive decision this morning that a) I’m so much better than him. Actually. And b) fuckers going to regret this one day (fine, I know b) isn’t a healthy point of view, but really he’s going to).

I bought myself a non-fat, grande, gingerbread latte from Starbizzle this morning, my absolute favourite drink ever (God bless Starbuck’s Christmas menu) and plan on having a super, healthy, fabulous, eating day followed by 2 hours at the gym tonight. GOD DAMN, I’m not going to waste November 26, 2009, today is my day.

Oh and in other news HAPPY THANKSGIVING YOU AMERICAN FOLKS, YOU. I? am jealous. Now get back to the turkey and pumpkin pie y’all.

November 25th, 2009
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when life throws you curve balls. eat ice-cream.

Fuck. I can say that right? This is my blog, this is where I can write whatever I want. Fuck, Fuck, FUCK.

The worst part about all this? I wanted to eat, nay I did eat, yet at the same time I wanted to be skinny more than ever, I wanted to be skinny, and beautiful, and make him regret it, make him see he was wrong. 

As I put food in my mouth, tears came to my eyes thinking about how I wanted to lose weight, how I needed to lose weight.

I blamed my weight.

I’m blaming my weight.

It is my weight.

I’m sure of it.

It’s always my weight.

It’s simple; No body likes a fat girl. It doesn’t matter how funny, how beautiful, how nice… it doesn’t.

My weight defines me. It is me.

November 25th, 2009
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I got stood up tonight. I don’t even know…

I’m more angry/upset with myself than anything. A) What is wrong with me? and B) WHY DO I CHOOSE THE WRONG GUYS?!?

The worst part? The thought of typing it out on this blog, and seeing this post sit above my previous post. AY-OY I got burnt by the world today.

November 25th, 2009
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My “horrible 90s teen movie”

Sometimes I leave things out when I blog, simply because I didn’t find the time to write something down, my mind can’t wrap itself around a situation in order to explain it correctly, or I’m nervous of being judged…

I came under a little fire yesterday for choosing The Crush (aka Guy Who-Ignored-Me-Friday-Night-and-Has-Made-Some-Douche-Like-Moves-in-His-Time) over The Subway Guy (aka Nice-Guy-Who-Seems-to-Actually-Like-Me).

Let me explain, although I am fully aware I don’t need to do this;

The Crush

My group of friends works like this; we’re awesome, and funny and awesome I am obsessed with hanging out with these people and if I go 24 hours without talking or seeing one of them I go into withdrawal.  We are constantly laughing, and doing stupid, yet somehow, awesome things.  The Crush is in this group.  When I’m around him I laugh to the point of tears.  Yes, he’s made some douche-like moves lately, but may I remind you of the drama that went down on Halloween; a girl told The Crush “E loves you and I’m forbidden to talk to you” ( I know, what a biii-attch) hence some of his recent ignoring me actions were justified, because, well, I came off CRAZY.

however, we’ve worked through that and now are friends who have awesome, funny, banter.  I have no idea if the movie tonight is more than just two friends going to see a movie together… but.. well, I wanted to go… because, well yes, we’re friends and have a good time together…  so sue me. Also he actually wanted to go last night, but I told him I was “busy,” hoping he’d think it was a date, even though it was the gym. I KNOW, I’M SUCH A GIRL.

Second also, all the awkwardness from Halloween only disappeared when The Crush found out I had been asked out and had been texting other boys… eek, I suppose this isn’t a good sign.

The Subway Guy  


I’ll admit it; I’m a creeper, like a class-A creeper.  I found him on facebook and omigod people, he had a 100% full, open profile on facebook (strike 1, because seriously yo, I think that’s weird), strike 2 was he had ‘single and ready to mingle’ on his profile, strike 3 was he LOVES clubbing, I do not, I’m more of a pub type of gal, strike 4 was his age; he’s 32. I’m 24 (shhh it doesn’t matter I turn 25 next week, shhh) and finally strike 5 was his photos; he was really hit or miss in them.  OH GOD I AM SUCH A JUDGEMENTAL BITCH, but seriously… think buttoned up shirt, but with minimal buttons done up, think chest hair, think way too tanned, think bucket of grease in his hair.  Eeeeek. All I’m saying is I could tell from his profile, he wasn’t the guy for me and wouldn’t fit in with my group of friends…   

THIS IS NOT TO SAY I CANCELLED THE DATE. I’m still going to have dinner with him, because really, who am I to be judgmental and not give a person a chance? Exactly.

That’s my reasoning. I hope you now see it wasn’t all sunshine and flowers like I may have made it out to be.

November 24th, 2009
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Whoa… Like, Whoa.

I just got back from the BEST WORK OUT EVER!

1 hour of intense (and I mean intense) weights with my trainer, 1/2 an hour of running on the treadmill and a boy asking for my number on the way out the gym (I wasn’t interested at all, but still!!! eeeek!!!!) 


What is happening? I am confused and blushing.  Honestly, I feel like my life is a movie right now: things like this just don’t happen to people like me.

Currently: Just showered and smelling like my vanilla flavoured conditioner, eating a salsa, chicken salad, with my feet on the table and watching The Biggest Loser and smiling ear to ear simply because I’m me, and I like that.

November 24th, 2009
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So… This just happened:

I’m going to see New Moon with The Crush tomorrow night. He asked me. I said yes.

I also have a date with Subway Boy tomorrow night, which I’ll now have to move to another day.



ed note: I actually have a post saved in my ‘draft’s’ all about how The Crush will now be referred to as The-Non-Crush-Friend as we’ve been in a good spot lately and he’s more a friend now than a crush. This stands true.

November 24th, 2009
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"Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to lose some weight!"

I had a 1 hour meeting with my trainer last weekend where I was lectured, in a very science-y way, about nutrition and food and calories and fat…

To say I didn’t understand most of it is an understatement. Things I learnt:

  • I am fat because of my insulin levels
  • I need to keep my insulin levels low
  • A chocolate bar, and pretty much all other delicious carbs and sugar, will make my insulin high.
  • I need to eat more of the “right fats” (seeds, avocados, oils)
  • There is no such thing as a snack. Every time I eat it’s a meal
  • All meals must be made up of a) something that once had a face (ie protein), b) vegetables, c) fat (oils, seeds, etc)

Yup… so this is what I’m now trying to do.  It’s hard. I love my snacks.  I promised my trainer one week of eating all my meals with those requirements. Today is day 3. I’ve already failed (stupid. chocolate. chips. last. night. sitting. on. the. table. begging. me. to. eat. them. hence. it. wasn’t. my.fault.)

Today I’ve eaten a fruit bowl, a tuna salad and some cheese.  (the cheese was also begging to be eaten).  The plan tonight is to go to the gym after work, go grocery shopping and ONLY buy items that fit my requirements, watch the Biggest Loser FINALE, and create a facebook event for my 25th (omigod!) birthday party.  

November 23rd, 2009
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Just to Take Some of the Mystery Out of Tomorrow for You…

  • 7:00am Rise
  • 7:20am Apple and Scrambled Eggs
  • 8:00am Meeting from hell
  • 9:00am work/blog (duh)
  • 12:30 Lunch (Salad from subway)
  • 1:30 work/blog (duh)
  • 5:00 Give God the glory, glory for being done work.
  • 5:30 1h of a Cardio-Pump class at the gym
  • 6:30 Rest, eat apple
  • 7:00 Personal Training session
  • 8:15 Walk Home
  • 8:30 Shower
  • 9:00 Grocery Shop
  • 9:30 Make delicious healthy dinner
  • 11:00 Sleep

I know what you’re thinking… 'wow, E's life is sooo cool" what? that’s not at all what you were thinking? but.. but.. yea.. I got nothing. I’m trying to stay in this week and just have a quiet, healthy day tomorrow. Also, as all my friends suck, I think I may go see New Moon alone this week… if you’re judging me, I’m judging your.. wait… I’m judging me too.

November 23rd, 2009
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November 23rd, 2009
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You better believe there were:

  1. Crackers
  2. Bubbles
  3. Make your own ice-cream Sundaes
  4. A game of Kings (yes, someone ended up chugging that wine)
  5. Darts in dresses (at Scotland Yard)
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