February 15th, 2010
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i love your blog...i read recently that you haven't had a drink a over a month. i am doing "sober february" hoping to kickstart my weightloss . my question - have you noticed extra weightloss from quitting the booze?

What an excellent question and unfortunately I don’t know the answer.

Why? Well I started my new “diet” (<— note, I hate that word as I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.), a few weeks into my ‘no-drinking’ life so I’m not sure if my new eating habits can be credited to my poundage loss, or my lack of boozing.

HOWEVER, there was about 2 weeks when I was eating my usual meals and not drinking and SHOCKINGLY I lost NO weight… which makes me think alcohol doesn’t add on the pounds like I thought it does.

I drank last night (beer, eeek!), and the scale seems fine today, but I’ll officially only know the consequences of last night on Wednesday’s Weigh-In.

My thoughts on alcohol and losing weight are leaning towards, it can be done, but you can only drink in moderation (aka once a week, and not binge).

February 15th, 2010
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Girl, don't say that you being down on yourself is 'just you being a girl'. Girls/Women are STRONG in ways most people can't even see. Have confidence in yourself. Don't make excuses and let yourself fall back into old habits of not loving yourself. Change is scary, even when it's the way you think. I promise, I know how hard it is. I hated myself a while back and I realized I was the reason for it. I kept thinking about the bad parts. Now it's time to concentrate on the good stuff. You've done so much! And you're telling all of us about it and being held accountable. Most people can't even have an anonymous blog about their weight loss because they're so ashamed.

Take pride in yourself, lady. It's hard when you're not used to it, but you deserve to treat yourself right.

Lots of love,

I remember receiving your comment after I posted this post, and thanking you for alerting me to this.   Back in the day I used to be one of those stupid(?) girls who would say, “I’m not a feminist, but…." but my, oh my have I changed and now I cringe when I hear that phrase.

From working in the corporate world and being the only female in my office I’ve learnt a thing or two about woman and men, and straight up? women still aren’t considered on par with men. (exhibit A: My pay vs. the other guys’ in my office’s, even though we do the exact. same. thing)

I 100% agree that women are strong and aren’t given enough credit for this,  I also find it sad that feminism has a bad reputation in current society, Regardless of your beliefs, I think women should ultimately support each other and not tear each other down OR THEMSELVES, as it only gives guys a pass to do this.  I’ll try not to credit things to, “just being a girl,” anymore.

Thanks for the comment!

February 15th, 2010
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your post on one unhealthy meal ruining a healthy week is NOT incorrect. I just read the post where someone is questioning that and is upset that people would listen to your advice.

one unhealthy meal can severly diminish the work done during the five or six days previous. and I truly believe, food is addiction. You will never hear me tell my clients, "Yeah, go get loaded Friday...it's okay because you stayed sober all week."

one unhealthy meal can lead to justifying all sorts of unhealthy behaviors. and let's say I was on track to lose 1 pound this week (had created a calorie deficit of 3500) and then I ate a 1000+ meal/dessert. I'm not losing that one pound anymore.

Thank you for the support (Ps he was talking about this post and then this post).  My sister actually called me out on this whole issue yesterday…

Sister: I really disagree with your post that 1 meal ruins a week.
Me: Well, if I eat crap 1 night a week it really affects the scale
Sister: But people eat McDonalds a lot and aren’t fat, and lots of people eat badly and aren’t fat.
Me: Ah touche’

I suppose it comes down to whether you’re trying to lose weight, or maintain weight and your individual body type….

Something to be said for each side.

February 15th, 2010
Hey, girl! I lovee your blog. We share a lot of the same "beliefs" food/exercise wise. I lost 26 pounds my senior year of high school, sort of by accident, I just got obsessed with working out and eating well. I gained a little bit back my freshman year of college. (No more than 5-8 pounds.) Now, I'm trying so hard to lose an extra 10 or so, but it's not coming off as easily. (I think I'm just not working as hard. That was pretty hard to admit even just online...) I love reading your blog for inspiration when I'm having a hard time, or even a good time, with my "journey." Keep up the hard work. You look great!

Thank you! and CONGRATS on losing weight, “sort of by accident” umm what was your secret?  Oh wait… and then I keep reading and see that God Damn, there is no shortcut to losing weight as you were, “obsessed with working out and eating well.” But, seriously congrats!! That’s great, especially the ONLY 5 - 8 pound gain. I gained about 20 pounds my first year of university (I was an eating, sleeping and boozing machine).

Thank you for reading! And thank you for the wonderful compliments.  This journey is taking its sweet time, but knowing people support me makes it that much easier, so sincerely thank you. :)

February 15th, 2010
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I just took a yoga class tonight and was wondering if you've ever tried it? It is something I always poo-poo, but then feel really great afterward and then think omg, why am I not doing this every week?! We'll see how long I keep it up, though! ;)

As always, you're a rockstar missy!

I have never tried Yoga. Never. And, what’s this? I have no desire to try it.

Gasp! There I said it!!! Eeeek. Cue everybody’s open mouths,’ shocked looks and quick encouragement for me to get my ass to a yoga studio.  But let me explain: I am very lazy, like, ridiculously lazy, which means when I do find my butt doing some form of non-lazy, physical activity I want to see results for my non-lazy ways asap, and yoga? well… I just can’t see yoga really giving me the results I’d want to see… sure over time it will, I’ll become flexible, toned, sculpted and at one with myself, ect. But still no desire…

O.k, BUT with all that being said my trainer did make me do some yoga moves a few months ago, and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it… which means if I find my way to a yoga studio I’d be very open minded about it, and most likely enjoy it.


February 15th, 2010
Hey :) This is the first time on your blog, but I've read some of your answers and they are really good! So, please help me out? So there's this guy who has liked me since the beginning of the school year and asked me to the school dance. He's pretty nice, not sure if I should go with him to dance or not. If so, I'd just go with him as friends... Is that ok? There's another one who also liked me since December and I like him too, problem is, my best friend really likes him too. What do I do?

Oh golly gosh, well usually I answer questions about myself, weight food ect., and as I have terribly luck in the boy-relationship-zone I’m not too sure I’m qualified to answer this question, BUT I’ll try…

I’m a big believer in not letting boys come between friends.  It’s happened to me and SUCKS, I’m also a big believer in girls not ‘claiming’ guys until they have a legit reason to do so (aka seeing a guy first and thinking he’s hot does not make him yours).  So… if your friend doesn’t have any real good reason to ‘claim’ the boy you like, go for him, talk to her about it, but go for the guy you actually like (esp if he likes you too). Nobody (aka Nice Guy) likes to be a 2nd choice, so go for the guy you really actually like.  *IF* your friend has a solid reason for liking the other guy, back off…

That’s my two sense… but again, I’ve never been successful in the love depot, so perhaps I got this all wrong…

February 15th, 2010
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The Dinner I’m currently consuming„,

  • asparagus,
  • brussel sprouts,
  • chicken and mushrooms sauteed,
  • avocado slices (under the sprouts) and
  • 1/2 a tomato.
February 15th, 2010
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Why hello there, nice to see you again…

Excellent. I seem to have recovered from the night’s festivities (for the most part), which means this Monday night will be spent with you guys (and The Bachelor)! YAY! I’ve been SO BAD with blogging lately, although I partly blame this on Tumblr being banned at work and my lack of enthusiasm for computers outside of work, but such is life…

Well to be honest, I’m in a wonderful place in my life right now, but so the story goes… when I start to lose weight, life is better… so this should come as no surprise. Losing weight is such an ecstasy, it’s a drug and I’m hooked.  Currently I’m eating more than I ever have, and WEIGH THE LOWEST I HAVE IN MONTHS (woot, woot! Go me!) so everything is coming up Milhouse.

I’m going to answer questions now, in between eating a healthy dinner (see next photo) and making a healthy lunch for tomorrow. God Bless Long weekends, as they are awesome.

February 15th, 2010
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Before. After.

The night took its toll on me…

February 15th, 2010
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I never cease to amaze myself…

Started the night out on a romantic date with Shy Boy, and just got home from The Ex-Crush’s house.

The story between will come later, because now? now I need advil, water and my bed.

Welcome! I'm Liz, the girl relieved the Internet has 0 calories. South African by birth; Canadian on paper. A marathoner. CrossFitter. Paleo (somewhat) eater. Traveler. Cheese lover. And I think you're great!

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