I travel, I write, I take photos. And I’m constantly relived the Internet has 0 calories.

South African by birth. Canadian at heart. And currently living in Toronto, Canada. I believe in daring to live the life you dreamt of, which means I quit my cushy, high finance job in Toronto to travel the world and see where life took me. Cheese has always held a special place in my heart, fine! and on my hips, which meant running my four full marathons was quite the big feat. I’ve also hiked to Base Camp Mt. Everest, and explored the vibrant culture, temples and beaches of Southeast Asia. Bungee jumped in New Zealand was still my biggest leap of faith, but I’ve been lucky enough to counteract that with whale watching in Perth, and spending summer days in Australia’s stunning Whitsunday Islands.

I love overly priced high heels, bright nail polish, and lush green grass. New socks, bright running tops and wool sweaters also hold a special place in my heart. I’m a dog and horse person, Rhodesian ridgebacks and American Saddlebreds are my breed of choice.   

Today you can find me back in a routine in Toronto’s mid-town working for a company I adore as a Community Project Manager. I’ve settled into a little apartment by myself, as I get ready for the next chapter in my life. 

Oh. Oh hello there you ridiculously, ridiculously good looking person (flatter them? Check). Thank you for stopping by. So…

Where to start? Should I tell you the basics first? Yes. Let’s go with that. My name is Liz *waves frantically to you* and I’m a 29-year-old Canadian, female in a perpetual state of trying to lose weight.

Yea… so there’s that; “trying to lose weight” has officially become part of my basic statistics, but hushhhhh. Because before you go get all up in my grill about that being so “sad” and “depressing,” hear me out…

Actually, first you need to know that “One Twenty Five,” my blog’s name, is actually my goal weight in pounds (f, small framed, 5’4” – Look it up - it’s true), and yea… somehow, someway I woke up after over five years of blogging (whoa) and still do not weigh One Twenty Five. (Read from the beginning!)

So yea… I have to admit I somewhat feel like a huge failure because I’ve never got close to my goal weight (my lowest was 147 pounds, bikini proof here!), but on the other hand I am also quite pleased with my life… and that, my new friends, is a wonderful thing for me to say.

Why? Because it’s taken me a long, long time to realize that wanting to lose weight & being unhappy with your body does not mean you hate yourself. BAMN! On the contrary, really. It means I want what’s best for me-me-me, and losing weight, getting healthier, and let’s be honest, sexier, is what’s best for me.

But it’s a fine balance, isn’t it? Wanting to lose weight, and then actually losing weight, yet still getting on with your life and living? And I suppose that, in a nutshell, is what my blog, this blog, is about.

I used to sit at home and dwell on wanting to be skinnier, wanting to be thinner, smaller, prettier, (it was an obsession for me) in order to live my life. In order to go, see, and do. But that was rather stupid of me, wasn’t it? So now, five years later, and after LOTS of lessons learned, I am out (finally) living and being present in my every day, while still continuing on my voyage (yes, voyage) to shed the lard.

Although, because I am too honest for my own good, I need to tell you a secret: when I was 26 I lost 50 pounds (high five! And athankyouverymuch as that was damn hard work), and life became better from not being that fat. There. I said it. So yea, because I know & truly believe this, I do think losing weight (or really, being healthy) is really, REALLY, important to *my* life.

So the key, in my mind, is to have losing weight/being healthy as a good, proper slice of the pie chart that is my life. It shouldn’t, like in my early twenties, be the entire damn chart. Make sense? I hope so.

ANYWHO, so in 2011, after gaining the confidence from my 50 pound loss, I quit my corporate job in downtown Toronto, said goodbye to my friends, high heels, & beautiful apartment and headed into the great, big world (Berlin, Croatia, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, NYC and Boston – lots more on travel info found here!), and then closed my eyes and moved to Australia for a year and a half. I KNOW, right? Whoa.

But-but-but. Unfortunately, despite seeing & doing & living I also ate-ate-ate the world on my way to Australia (and then while I lived there), and suddenly found my weight up, and my clothes not fitting. Booooooo! But luckily, this time? This time I was, wait, am, older and wiser and not as stupid as I was when I was younger which means I can wholeheartedly say I am living my life everyday to its fullest, despite carrying extra weight for moi! And? And it’s pretty damn great..

I’ve hiked to Base Camp Mt. Everest in Nepal, run three full marathons (Chicago, Las Vegas and Berlin) and this October 2013 plan on running my fourth – Chicago (again) to raise money for Multiple Scoliosis Canada.  It’s exciting! I am also a CrossFitter, and Paleo (wannabe) eater, but you can read lots more about those topics by clicking on the links.

I’m also (after twenty one months away) moving back to Toronto, Canada in May 2013 and will be starting my life from scratch. So umm, yea… that’s terrifying.  I’m going to be a busy-bee trying to find a new job, new place to live, new Crossfit, running group and, well, pretty much a life.  So yup, there’s that.

I am also somewhat addicted to horse riding, kayaking in the Toronto harbour, dressing up with my friends, and admiring high heels I can’t afford – so life in the coming months is sure to be hectic!

Oh! And, I suppose I should mention I’m incredibly honest on my blog (125 *very honest* facts about me!), I’ve struggled with Binge Eating and throwing up, and pretty much tried every diet on this Earth (proof!), but learned in the process there is no secret code, no magic potion, no special sword to slay the dragon that is being over weight; it’s hard work, takes a long time, and can only be done from a series of millions of moments of motivation. 

So yup. There’s that. Me in a nutshell.  So please follow along as I reach for the stars, fall on my ass (a lot), try and avoid chub-rub, lose a few (or 50) pounds, and tick off some life goals on the good, old bucket list, one day at a time.

Welcome! I’m Liz, and I’m so pleased you’re here!

Coming Soon!

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Welcome! I'm Liz, the girl relieved the Internet has 0 calories. South African by birth; Canadian on paper. A marathoner. CrossFitter. Paleo (somewhat) eater. Traveler. Cheese lover. And I think you're great!

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