April 20th, 2014
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Tipsy enough to post yet another “selfie,” and sober enough to say (and mean) I am so lucky and blessed I have so many wonderful people in my life. 😊👍 What an excellent, excellent day.

April 19th, 2014
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Treat yourself the way you treat your favorite characters. Look into your back-story to understand your current plot. Sympathize with yourself. Recognize your flaws, and appreciate your strengths. Defend yourself. Cheer yourself on when you go into battle. Appreciate every relationship you make and always look for hidden potential. You’re the protagonist in your story. You’re the main character. You’re the hero.

Treat yourself like one.

April 19th, 2014
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Easter Saturday OOTD 💐😊

Forever 21 Top
Gap Jeans
Michael Kors Belt
Banana Republic sweater
Essie nails 

April 17th, 2014
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Afternoon date with Lily 💖

April 16th, 2014
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Honestly? I’ve always given some serious side eye to the whole “naturopathic medicine” thing.  I don’t really know why, I suppose I thought it was more fluff, than substance. But considering it was actually cheaper (athankyouverymuch benefits) for me to head to a naturpathic doctor, than get a nutritionist, here I am - heading to a “Naturopathic Doctor” every second Thursday (side-eye and all). 

She’s crazy expensive ($180/hour), and even though my benefits are covering the majority of it, I am determined to make the best of it, and learn everything and anything I can.  

Here are my takeaways from out first meeting: 

Take four magnesium pills a day
Take a spoonful of fish oil (ewwww) a day
No Fruit
No Gluten
No sweeteners
All consumed meat needs to be grass-fed
Eat breakfast every, single, morning (I’m awful with this)
If you feel a binge coming on, take a hot bath, and if you still want to eat something unhealthy, eat it in front of the mirror (personally, I think the mirror thing is BS. I could happily eat in front of a mirror. But that’s neither here nor there right now.)

Tomorrow marks a week since the meeting, and I’ve been fairly on point with all my goals. Except the fish oil… oh, how I hate-hate-hate taking the fish oil, and with a beer (or three).  

And? lo and behold, I have not over-eaten once. Not once! Which is a pret-ty epic thing for me - especially as my current goal is to not worry about the number on the scale, or size on my pants, but rather to try and get my obsession with all things food to simmer down.

The reason for grass-fed meat is to receive more nutrients from the meat (fed from the soil, to the animal, to you). And no fruit/sweetener because it spikes your (my) insulin levels, which stops fat burn.

Also, all this week I’ve been thinking about something the naturpathic doctor said, 

The reason you feel the desire to binge is because your body is lacking a specific nutrient. A nutrient your body wants and needs, but as a results just sends the “I’m hungry, must eat everything now,” signal. 

I had never heard that before, and I found that soooooo interesting. So interesting, in fact, I put my fingers to good use and googled it. And look at this awesome chart I found. 



That makes soooo much more sense to me. I’m going to print this, and stick it on my fridge. And, I need to note that when I do crave food, and get that "fuck it, I don’t care" feeling, I usually want chocolate, and since I’ve started taking magnesium pills, I haven’t felt any desire to even eat chocolate that I had easy access to. But yes, yes, of course. It’s only been ONE week, so I can’t really conclude anything yet, but I wanted to share this, because perhaps it’ll help someone else out there. 

Also, although this is not new news at all, but taking the time in the morning to cook a proper (protein) breakfast has had a very positive result on the rest of my day.  I know, it’s like nutrition 101 over here, but still, I’m in a good place this week, and I swear it’s from actually implementing some basic changes - as apposed to just thinking “sure, that would probably be great for me,” and then not doing it. 


Today’s breakfast (bacon & two whole eggs), snack (chicken kebab), lunch (steak salad with feta cheese, avocado), second snack (pistachios)

April 16th, 2014
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Well. Well. Well. What do we have here?

Gap Jeans (Legging Jeans, size 33)
Forever 21 pink (pink!) top (Size L and $12)
Banana Republic orange cardigan (Size L and $18)
Forever 21 orange necklace ($4.50)
Cotton On (Australian store) orange flats
Forever 21 bangles ($3)

Not having 50 Shades of Grey under my eyes because I went to bed early last night: priceless

April 15th, 2014
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Oh, what a sexy single life I lead.

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just having a romantic date with Gweyn (nickname basis over here. Obvs). She’s helping me plan out my meals for the rest of the week, while I devour a super delicious, healthy, dinner.

April 15th, 2014
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Snow? On April 15th? Pssh. Whatever. I’m still going to wear my $6.99 floral, spring shirt from Forever 21. Because that’s how I roll. Although, technically speaking, I am in so much pain from KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES at CrossFit yesterday, that I couldn’t roll, or run, or move really today. Fun times. 

In other news, I have work up to my hoo-ha right now, have drank three coffees so far today (and am eyeing my fourth), had the worst migraine of my life last night (from the drastic weather change?), have lost my iPhone charger (howww?), realized Forever 21 has a “plus size” section, which lead to a $120 online shop (high five), am going to CrossFit again tonight (whhhhhhy?!), was asked out for a second date, after a very successful first date (exccccellent), and am counting down the days till Easter-Vacay. Okay. That’s it, and that’s all. 

April 14th, 2014
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Giddy up, because… it’s Monday! 

A fresh start. A new week… a new FOUR day week. And not only that, but I also have next Monday and Tuesday off. So I’m all jazz hands and sparklers over here, as I have five, beautiful, wonderful days off in a row! Wahooooo!! 

That delicious concoction above is my second coffee of the day, combined with my homemade breakfast (bacon & eggs/spinach/tomatoes)… which I made this morning because get this, I woke up easily, naturally, and willingly… whoa. Oh what a difference going to bed early makes.  My usual morning coffee consists of sweetener, but apparently sweetener spikes your insulin, which causes a poor metabolism, and thus weight gain, which means the coffee above is sugar/sweetener free. Hmmm. HMMMMM. 

So for lunch today I’m (finally!) meeting up with the lovely Miss. Amy (who is a CrossFit, runner, paleo-eater extraordinaire). Really and truly. Read her blog to get all inspired n’ healthy. We’re heading to a vegetarian place (Fresh), and I’m already googling their menu to make sure I make a healthy, protein, good choice. 

This week is BUSY for me, but I’m determined to head to CrossFit at least three times, and head outside for two runs. The Sporting Life 10k is fast approaching (May 11th!), and I’m going to aim for under 1h 15 min. We shall see… perhaps I shall post my training schedule.  Right now I’m at a comfortable 5k, but struggling 7k. So yup. There’s that. And can we please just take a moment to comment on how I ran a FULL marathon last October. Boooo. I wish running was like riding a bike. 

Anywho, I am rambling, and thus back I go to work. 

April 13th, 2014
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Hiiiii *waves*

Bullet points. Because that’s how I roll.

  • This photo looks SOOOO posed, but I’ve been in this exact position for the past 3.2 hours, and written a bunch of things, and now here I am writing a blog post to you.
  • I missed you, Little Blog, but then I also really didn’t miss you at all. Actually, for about three days I completely forgot you existed… which was pret-ty awesome. Why? Because I’ve always wondered if I could just one day step away from this blog, and the answer is yes. Definitely yes.
  • But that day isn’t today (baby)
  • So when I was in high school a teacher once told me to go home each night and sit down and write down the things I remembered from class that day. She said it would dramatically help me remember the lectures - just having my mind take a moment to actively remember something, helps you remember it in the future. Well…. I realized this blog is like that for my life. Things I blog about I remember really well. No blog post, and I’m all like, whhhhhat did I do?!? So long bullet-point short: Blogging really is my diary.
  • It’s only been a few short days since I wrote, but so much has happened I have to scroll through my phone to remember it all.
  • We’ll start with this: a very very very good friend got engaged! Wahoo! High-fives for all.  I totally knew it was coming (hello surprise trip to Dubai & Jordan), but I still beamed with all the love when I heard the news, and then saw her ring. Also, let it be known that I am also incredibly excited to wear a sari to their wedding.
  • On Thursday night I classed myself up and drank more wine (and shots) at a work party than you probably would have. But don’t you worry for a second, because I just blended in. It was all sorts of fun, but I tell ya, this bod-ay of mine is not what it used to be. Because whoa. I was a hot-mess on Friday morning, but really, and truly I blame work for this. (Also. Also. I love my job more than I knew it was possible to love a job. Every day I’m hustlin.’ Everyday I’m, everyday I’m, everyday I’m hustlin,’ and learning, and improving, and it’s ridiculously awesome to be part of a start up and watch how fast everything changes.)
  • What else? I got a new plant for my desk. That was exiting. AND. It was so sunny and warm this past week we sat on the patio at lunch. *does a cartwheel*
  • I also somehow found time to configure American Netflix this past week. I note this because… wha?! You guys have a TLC section and reality section?!? Goodbye life.
  • I also actively started trying to spend at least an hour a day on okCupid and/or Tinder.  I think the problem is I don’t care (right now) enough… because some awesome guys have messaged me, but I’m all like, “cool, later I will respond,” but then never do. Insert sad face here. I think the reason is I’m alone a lot, but not lonely, but I’m worried my alone-ness will turn into being lonely, so I may as well be pro-active about this. Make sense? No. Thought so. Well just know that I have date-date tomorrow. And I’ve been on too many dates lately to count.
  • 'em eyelashes are amazing. Two weeks and going strong.
  • So… I went to a naturopathic doctor this past week. It perhaps may have been the most honest and open hour of my life. Yes, I think about food too much. Yes, I occasionally binge eat all the food. Yes, I want to lose weight. Yes, I’ve been super freaking lazy lately. Yes, I’ve got underlying issues. And $200 later I breathed a sigh of relief. She pretty much said I’m really normal, and nothing she heard was new. And she gave me tips if a binge hits (take a bath. eat in front of a mirror), and also told me to cut out (my beloved) sweeteners (which I have), and gluten (which I also have, except for tonight when I had beer with friends). Overall I’m feeling excited about this. I was adamant I didn’t want a quick-fix (to lose weight fast), but rather something that slowly changes my lifestyle. I am also now taking magnesium pills, but I sort of give the side-eye to this.
  • Anywho, I will be seeing her every two weeks, and will most likely keep you up to date on the results. Also. 30% body fat right now. So that’s a fact. Cool. (And I just want to note she pinched my fat to measure my body-fat. PINCHED MY FAT. That is literally a fat person’s worst nightmare. I felt like I was in an episode of the Simpsons. Gah. The love-handles. My stomach. Ohmygawd.)
  • On a completely separate (yet obviously related) note: I’M GOING TO JAMAICA IN JUNE!!!!!!
  • And I’m THISCERTAIN I’m going to run the Quebec City Half Marathon in August.
  • Holy hot meatballs. This post is so long. I suppose this is what happens after too-much beer, too little sleep, and when I stop blogging my thoughts out. Ha.
  • Tomorrow I get to see my favourite, gorgeous, niece, Lily, have a family-brunch, and then go on a date. Wahoo. Everything’s coming up Milhouse.
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