July 22nd, 2014
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Crazy long day at work, but we made it!! WAHOOOO!!! And we’re live, and now I head home and sleep forever 👍👊👏

July 22nd, 2014
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To say today is a big (huge!) important day is quite the understatement! Because today is the day I’ve been working so hard for, for the past few months! Eeeek! Everything’s coming up Milhouse! 

(Please ignore my dying plant. No matter what I do, the thing just always looks half dead.) 

July 21st, 2014
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And then, my country-lovin’ friends, THIS HAPPENED.

I, Elizabeth Claire, saw Tim McGraw. Wait, not only did I get to see him, I got to TOUCH him. Yup. Fan-girl alert over here. #notevenashamed.

Intermittently over the the years I’ve mentioned my love for all things country music. Quite frankly, I don’t understand how people don’t like it (I know, I know), so when an opportunity arose for me to see the sexy country legend himself, I became heart-eyed, and giddy in anticipation for Sunday.

And? It was everything I had hoped for and more. Tim (yup, we’re on a first name basis over here… in my head) was sexy as hell, with his tanned skin,  perfect muscles and deep country voice, I was pretty much in heaven throughout the night.  I sang along at the top of my lungs to his old & new songs, and have never been to a concert that flew by so quickly.

Kip Moore opened for him, and hot damn, I need to give him a shout out, because that man puts on an excellent show. If you have the chance to see either of them, I give them two Liz-thumbs-up.

(All photos are mine, except for the bottom photo - That one’s from Tim’s Instagram)

July 21st, 2014
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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… this is the year my friends turn 30 (eek! gasp! neck-collar-pull as I too, turn 30 in December). 

On Saturday some of my favourite people gathered to celebrate the 30th of the sassiest man I know.  I was so envious of his “drop in, and drop out” party, and wished I had a summer birthday to do the same.  I’m not a huge birthday-party person, but feel a bit of pressure to organize something for my 30th this year, even though I (think) I really don’t want to. Ugh. Winter birthdays are the worst. Perhaps I should move back to Melbourne, or something :) 

Anywho, we ate burgers, and birthday cake, and drank craft beer. All in a Sunday’s afternoon. 

July 21st, 2014
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I am back at work this morning, but dreamin’ of this blustery summer weekend.  

I texted Angela Saturday morning with an, "80% chance of rain, you still want to do this?" text, which in hindsight, was rather silly of me, because that girl is always up for a good adventure - rain or shine. 

As we hopped into the kayak in the morning, the sun was showing some serious promise. Who cares if it’s a little overcast, right? we got this. And off we went, into the high seas on Toronto’s harbour. 

A friend at work had mentioned he would be out on the island on Saturday on his yacht (yacht!), and welcomed us to stop by for a beer with him and his wife. Ummm, yes and please!

So we headed to the island, in search of his boat. And then dined over beer, and cheese, and crackers on a picnic table, under a tree, hidden from the rain.  

We then said our goodbyes, and headed into the fog, as we made our way around the islands, stopped at the cutest little cafe for an ice-cream, and then voyaged back to the mainland.  

It was rainy, at times very chilly, and windy, but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful Saturday. 

(ps. Saturday also gave me one of my fall time favourite photos! The one of me in the yellow jacket, with Toronto in the background :) ) 

July 19th, 2014
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Well, despite the rain, today was awesome.

July 18th, 2014
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TGIF 🍷🛀😊👊

July 18th, 2014
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Work Shenanigans on this sunny, TGIF, Friday. 

It’s my work BBF’s birthday today (wahoo!), so obviously I stayed late last night, waited for the office to empty, and then decorated her desk. Obviously.

And because our whole team has been batting balls out of the park this week, our CEO offered to buy us all lunch! Nom Nom Nom. Potatoes, veggies and chicken. 

Bring on this weekend, I am ready for it! :) 

July 18th, 2014
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How am I? Oh, you know… well, wait. I suppose you don’t.

I’ve been quiet on the Internet front the past few weeks for several reasons. The first and foremost honestly being I am so busy. So busy, in fact, that sometimes I truly don’t understand how I used to pop into this space so often, and find time to document my life so consistently. Good for me, because blogging takes time & effort and how have I been doing this for over 5.5 years?!

But there’s another reason, I must confess, and that’s that I’ve become awfully self conscious of this life I lead. The words I write. The photos I take.  The places I go, and things I see. I don’t know. I don’t know whether I’m worried about being judged, or that I feel like my life is so boring (to others) it’s odd to upload a photo or story or snippet about an outfit, or run, or every day things. I mean, really. My days through and through are just so, well, ordinary.

So… with that said, let me take advantage of this pint (or two) flowing through my veins, and the vulnerability that comes with the clock striking 2am. I’ve  been dating a lot. Let’s start there. Nothing serious, I think. I don’t know. One guy, whom I met through a mutual friend, has been around now for a few months. It’s fun, it’s casual, and it’s nice to have a consistent person to do something with.  We actually openly discussed what we’re doing the other day; it’s certainly not a relationship because our lack of communication and/or check-ins is quite impressive, but it’s also not a, ummm, for lack of a better term, booty call. We go on dates. Lots of dates. And hang out and watch movies and order food together. He cooks, I clean. It works well. And it is what it is, and I’m, we’re, happy with it, especially because my time (and his) is so limited these days due to work.

Speaking of work, I am taking advantage of being single these days.  I have no obligations come 5pm. No person to meet. No children to pick up. No places to be, and expectations to meet. So I work. A lot. When I look back on my corporate career I spent my twenties plotting and planning to travel the world. To escape to literally the other side of the world. And that, I did (yay!). But now that I’m back? Well now I am concentrating on my career. Twenty nine is the year of my life I have dedicated to my career.  I work hard in the office (and often miss social events because of it), but then when I can, I’m also very kind to myself outside of the office. Because if working fifteen plus hours a day means I lay in bed and watch Netflix until 3pm on a Saturday, even when it’s sunny out, and the birds are calling my name, I don’t really care. Because I know I’m working hard for a company I love and believe in, going after promotions I want, and putting in my time to make a place for myself in the corporate world. It’s exciting, and I love it, and have a grand plan to continue to work my ass off for, well, as long as I need to to define this chapter of my life.

Speaking of my ass, it’s grown. Well, wait. I shouldn’t say that. This morning I weighed 182, so really, I’m sitting around where I was at the beginning of this year. So my good, old, ass has actually stayed the same. It’s not ideal, but given how much sitting I do these days, and constant battles not to eat all the office treats, I’m okay with this. My Personal Trainer is going well, it’s a huge struggle to make it to the gym for our set times each week (because of work), but I enjoy the feeling of muscles returning (slowly) to my body, and the sore feeling the day after a good workout. I’ve been meaning to get outside and run for a while… umm, remember how I ran four full marathons? Good Lord, how did I ever do that?

I’ve also started volunteering for an *awesome* organization called Project Sunshine.  I’ll be sure to devote a whole post to this soon, as it’s an amazing charity, and I truly feel so lucky to have been accepted as a board member.  The commitment is fairly extensive, but it’s something I am passionate about (they help families with sick children in hospitals), and I can’t wait to raise money through awesome events, and volunteer with the kids and their families.

What else? Horse riding, Baby Lily, Seeing friends, and family.  I am living a content, full life, and I am thankful for every moment of it. My family is heading to a cottage next week, which will be sad times as I can’t go for work, but I’m going kayaking on Saturday, a bbq on Sunday, as well as Tim McGraw *yeehaw!* in the evening. I’m also online dating when I can fit it in - but folks, that’s a whole post in and of itself. Okay. Okay. I must get some rest.  My boss told me today that people who are productive at night (me!) have an on average higher IQ, so I’ll rest my head thinking about that, and not how I have to be up in a mere few hours.

July 18th, 2014
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Nothing like a good book, and an excellent hair day. Two things totally unrelated, but equally awesome. 🙅📘

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