April 23rd, 2014
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Well yesterday was an exciting day!  

I had no plans of heading into the office, but as I have a really, really, really big meeting on Thursday and was feeling a little “eeek” about it, in the morning I thought I’d head in to get a few extra things done… and good thing I did! Why? Because my name was pulled in a raffle draw to head to the Raptor’s (Toronto’s NBA team) second playoff game. How exciting!

I felt sort of bad taking the ticket from someone who follows the league/team and would have given their left arm for the ticket, as I don’t follow basketball at all! But I had so much fun, and can’t believe how emotionally invested I got few a few hours last night.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • the free playoff t.shirt
  • *not* ordering any beer and/or delicious game food (go me!)
  • the Raptor’s mascot (who was sooo funny)
  • the half time show (a magician!)
  • the atmosphere (de-fence, de-fence)
  • checking out a million and two hot guys (because whoa. I said whoa.),
  • and the Raptors winning (yay! We tied it up)

After the game I went to my sister’s to visit Lily, and am running on very little sleep right now, but of course, this is life, busy-busy-busy. 

April 21st, 2014
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Oh, Happy Weekend

I was a busy-bee-Lizzie on Saturday, and thank goodness for photos, because otherwise I’d have a hard time recalling everything I did.

I woke up Saturday morning in a splendid mood, and thus curled my hair, put some blush on, and dressed to impress… myself. It makes such a difference wearing something I feel good in, I just have so much more confidence, and then think about things other than, “how can I look skinny right now.”


And so in my floral top, and sparkly flats, I headed out the door at 10am for brunch. (Yes, yes, I know, I love brunch. I’m also brunching next Saturday with my Berlin-Marathon crew, and am already excited.)

I met Adele for brunch at my #1 brunch spot in Toronto, Origin, and I broke all of my eating-healthy-rules, as I sipped a mimosa, ate mini scones, ate their breakfast tostada, and downed a delicious coffee. (I’ll save the details on that (cheat meal…s) for another post, but it was delicious!)


After brunch we walked around my the St. Lawrence market area, as we discussed how similar our lives are. Really, and truly, she is my life-events doppelganger. 


After I said goodbye to Adele, I went for an incredibly long walk. The day was beautiful, and I was in a fabulous, sunny, spring mood, and so I walked. And walked. And walked. A quick gander through my archives will quickly prove Toronto has never been my city of choice. It’s the city I live in because my family is here, and my roots are here, and from all my traveling, I know that that’s worth a lot. But in the past four months of living downtown, I’ve actually really come around on this city.  I’m putting more effort into it, and lo n’ behold, it’s giving more back.  So much, in fact, that as I was wondering the streets on Saturday (and forming huge blisters in the process from my flats - booo) I was genuinely really pleased to live here, which, you guys, is major progress. 


I went on a mission to find glasses (mission: accomplished), and also ended up trying on a white blazer that I found for $20 (from Smart Set). I ended up buying it (and the capris, but in black, as I got both for $50!). This is so my thing, I go months and months and months not buying anything, and being good, and saving money, and then BAMN, I go and buy EVERYTHING. In the past two weeks I’ve spent $380 on spring/summer clothes, but waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear is significantly easier (plus, I really needed more work clothes). 


I ended up walking 10.5km (6.5 miles), so by time I got home I had to shower, change, and get ready to celebrate a friend’s Dirrrrrrty Thirrrrty. 


So… red lipstick. Umm yes. This is a new development in my life. And a development I am unsure of. Firstly, I have really thin, crappy lips, so I don’t really want to highlight them. Secondly, because I am useless at makeup, I’ve always put on red lipstick AFTER I do my eye-make, and thus always thought I looked goth, or something. Then, somewhere in the past year I realized, “ohhhhh, it’s either/or: eyes OR lips. Duh. That makes more sense.” And thirdly, I have no idea how to choose the right red…. and so I tend to avoid it all together. But for whatever reason, I was in a red-lipstick mood, and so I wore it. And liked it. I think. I don’t know. I was so nervous it smudged, or was on my teeth, so throughout the night I kept going to the ladies room. 

ANYWHO, I also wore my old Tory Burch wedges, which for years were my “go to” heels, but they ripped my feet up, and caused me to end the night early. Sigh, my feet aren’t as tough as they used to be.

My friends and I went to a super, cute Italian restaurant (Nove Trattoria - for Toronto friends), and I had really good intentions to order a salad, but knew I’d be drinking, and know from experience salad + booze = bad life decision, and so I ordered a pizza. 


The night was all sorts of fun, and my cheeks literally hurt when I got home from smiling.  I actually wrote a blog post Sat night in my tipsy glory, which I ended up drafting, but it was all about how adult-y (despite the booze, shhhh) I feel lately.  I love living alone, and being completely independent. Every time I walk down my apartment’s front steps (which are now surrounded by spring flowers) I sort of feel like I’m in a movie, and ready to conquer the day, and see what happens. I don’t know. That’s corny, and lame, and that’s why I guess I drafted that post. But yes. Saturday night was fun. And despite my weight/size/obsession I didn’t think about that at all, but just had fun as me, at this size, as I danced the night away. 


And end scene. See? Busy, busy Saturday! 

April 20th, 2014
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Oh, Happy Weekend.

As I noted earlier last week, I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long, long time.  Up in Canada-Land Good Friday is a holiday, and then being the smarty pants that I am, I requested Monday and Tuesday off too. Five whole days off? Ummm, yes and please.

Every second Thursday my sister and Lily come to my apartment, which means my super-long weekend started off with a play sleep date with two of my favourite people in this entire world.  Every time I see Lily, whether it be in person, a photo, video, or even or name, I can’t help but smile. I love that little girl so much, and if I’ve ever questioned whether coming home was the right decision, Lily in and of herself answers that.


I’ve made it no secret, I’ve never really understood the whole baby-thing, but since Lily was born, I now don’t understand how the whole world isn’t gushing about them.  I’ve even gone back through some of my favourite blogs in search of their baby photos, which once-upon-a-time I would have scrolled right over. Oh! And, the other day on the subway I saw a stroller, and went out of my way to walk passed said stroller to admire the sure-to-be-baby, but what I saw was a dog! (Which, of course, was really cute too). 

Having Lily in my life has also made me appreciate every single mother in this world. Whoa. Babies are HARD work, and I say that when I simply just pop in and out of her life.  I will be looking at “mothers day” this year, in a whole new light. The love mothers have for their babies, and the work that goes into each and every person is astonishing! (Honestly? I sort of feel like I’m too lazy of a person to have children… eek). Anywho, needless to say, it’s been amazing watching my sister and her husband adjust to their new roles. Lily Elizabeth is one very lucky little girl, with four grandparents, four uncles and aunts, and two cousins who absolutely adore her. Such a lucky little lady.

I stayed over at my sister’s Thursday night, and spent the whole of Friday oohing and awing over this perfect, little person. Lily, I love you so, so much.

April 20th, 2014
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Growing up I always thought I was too fat to wear colour, florals, or patterns.

Bahaha. That was stupid of me.

Hello Spring (& Summer) 2014 clothes. I’m ready for you!

April 20th, 2014
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Tipsy enough to post yet another “selfie,” and sober enough to say (and mean) I am so lucky and blessed I have so many wonderful people in my life. 😊👍 What an excellent, excellent day.

April 19th, 2014
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Treat yourself the way you treat your favorite characters. Look into your back-story to understand your current plot. Sympathize with yourself. Recognize your flaws, and appreciate your strengths. Defend yourself. Cheer yourself on when you go into battle. Appreciate every relationship you make and always look for hidden potential. You’re the protagonist in your story. You’re the main character. You’re the hero.

Treat yourself like one.

April 19th, 2014
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Easter Saturday OOTD 💐😊

Forever 21 Top
Gap Jeans
Michael Kors Belt
Banana Republic sweater
Essie nails 

April 17th, 2014
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Afternoon date with Lily 💖

April 16th, 2014
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Honestly? I’ve always given some serious side eye to the whole “naturopathic medicine” thing.  I don’t really know why, I suppose I thought it was more fluff, than substance. But considering it was actually cheaper (athankyouverymuch benefits) for me to head to a naturpathic doctor, than get a nutritionist, here I am - heading to a “Naturopathic Doctor” every second Thursday (side-eye and all). 

She’s crazy expensive ($180/hour), and even though my benefits are covering the majority of it, I am determined to make the best of it, and learn everything and anything I can.  

Here are my takeaways from out first meeting: 

Take four magnesium pills a day
Take a spoonful of fish oil (ewwww) a day
No Fruit
No Gluten
No sweeteners
All consumed meat needs to be grass-fed
Eat breakfast every, single, morning (I’m awful with this)
If you feel a binge coming on, take a hot bath, and if you still want to eat something unhealthy, eat it in front of the mirror (personally, I think the mirror thing is BS. I could happily eat in front of a mirror. But that’s neither here nor there right now.)

Tomorrow marks a week since the meeting, and I’ve been fairly on point with all my goals. Except the fish oil… oh, how I hate-hate-hate taking the fish oil, and with a beer (or three).  

And? lo and behold, I have not over-eaten once. Not once! Which is a pret-ty epic thing for me - especially as my current goal is to not worry about the number on the scale, or size on my pants, but rather to try and get my obsession with all things food to simmer down.

The reason for grass-fed meat is to receive more nutrients from the meat (fed from the soil, to the animal, to you). And no fruit/sweetener because it spikes your (my) insulin levels, which stops fat burn.

Also, all this week I’ve been thinking about something the naturpathic doctor said, 

The reason you feel the desire to binge is because your body is lacking a specific nutrient. A nutrient your body wants and needs, but as a results just sends the “I’m hungry, must eat everything now,” signal. 

I had never heard that before, and I found that soooooo interesting. So interesting, in fact, I put my fingers to good use and googled it. And look at this awesome chart I found. 



That makes soooo much more sense to me. I’m going to print this, and stick it on my fridge. And, I need to note that when I do crave food, and get that "fuck it, I don’t care" feeling, I usually want chocolate, and since I’ve started taking magnesium pills, I haven’t felt any desire to even eat chocolate that I had easy access to. But yes, yes, of course. It’s only been ONE week, so I can’t really conclude anything yet, but I wanted to share this, because perhaps it’ll help someone else out there. 

Also, although this is not new news at all, but taking the time in the morning to cook a proper (protein) breakfast has had a very positive result on the rest of my day.  I know, it’s like nutrition 101 over here, but still, I’m in a good place this week, and I swear it’s from actually implementing some basic changes - as apposed to just thinking “sure, that would probably be great for me,” and then not doing it. 


Today’s breakfast (bacon & two whole eggs), snack (chicken kebab), lunch (steak salad with feta cheese, avocado), second snack (pistachios)

April 16th, 2014
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Well. Well. Well. What do we have here?

Gap Jeans (Legging Jeans, size 33)
Forever 21 pink (pink!) top (Size L and $12)
Banana Republic orange cardigan (Size L and $18)
Forever 21 orange necklace ($4.50)
Cotton On (Australian store) orange flats
Forever 21 bangles ($3)

Not having 50 Shades of Grey under my eyes because I went to bed early last night: priceless

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